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    My visa is valid - got it recently.

    I am on a student permit and she is on a work permit. I could accompany her to do her landing (we live in Toronto), but I can't fly with her to the US (my study schedule is hectic).

    But I just realized - I don't HAVE to be with her to do the landing right? I can do mine first, and then she can later. I was told today that when she lands, she will get a paper saying that the PR card has been applied for her - does this paper let you travel to the US and back later? (while she waits for the PR card)

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    Landed Successfully

    Landed in Canada this thursday through Peace Bridge, Initially I thought of entering from Rainbow Bridge, but from the forum landing experience comments I noticed Rainbow Bridge officers not updating Canadian address when not moving permenently to canada, but for few people they do.
    So I decided to enter through Peace Bridge.

    At Peace Bridge:
    Officer told me to pullover my car and asked to enter immigration building.
    Immigration officer was cool, she checked the proof of funds, (we showed $9k cashier check and Bank statements) , she asked canada address and updated to my profiel
    Returned PR papers and said welcome to canada. She said you have to stay 2 years out of 5 years to retian PR, if you stay 3 years will get citizenship etc.. explained briefly on pension plan etc..

    Went to customs officer gave the items list and asked to goto casheir window.
    I went to casheir window, she noted some thing and returned the docs.
    That's it over there.

    I went to Canada Revenue office (Do not forget to take the directions to SIN card office if you wanted to apply for SIN, I had to goto hotel to take directions) and applied SIN. Right in the same building there is a bank, so I opened account. Funny thing is I gave $100 (USD) travaler check for deposit, converted amount came to $98 (CAD). US dollar value going down. It is good idea to keep bank accounts EURO, talk is US dollar could go further down.

    Returned to US using AVR from Rainbow Bridge, Officer asked me couple questions where do you live, type of work and name of company. He took the passport and H1. He asked to park the car and goto the immigration building.

    Waited 15 minutes, our name was called, officer asked few questions, when did you land in canada, purpose of landing. How long you stayed there.
    he returned the passport with I94 and H1.

    AVR works fine.

    Thanks to this forum.
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    This should enable her to travel to Canada until she gets the PR card.
    But can she fly into Canada without the PR card? Confirm this. Because without the PR card, one has to cross the border by land.
  4. puhrince

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    I shall find out on this.

    At the same time, does I (principal applicant) need to be with her during landing, or can i get mine done first?

  5. puhrince

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    I found out more on this info by calling CIC anyway! I can land first, and my wife can do her landing later after flying to US and on her way back to Canada. I don't need to enter US for my landing - I can just tell the US border that I am doing my landing and they will direct me to the Canadian office, instead of entering the border and coming back in.

    My only question here is - from what I remember, the US & Canadian offices are not located right near each other in Buffalo, or am I wrong? In Detroit, yes they are next to each other. I was wondering how are they going to reroute me.
  6. bigboy00

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    Oh, do not worry about this. If you are landing by road, you just need to cross the border. i.e. just go out of the cdn boundry and then you are (technically) into the "no-mans land"...Do not even go near the US border post. When you do that, turn back into Canada.

    If you have any questions, visit the cdn immigration building first, before crossing the border. (This is the best thing to do, I had done this when I landed - it was a while back). They will direct you so that you will not encounter any problems.
  7. puhrince

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    completed landing

    finally did the landing at the Buffalo location..thanks for your help bigboy.

    I later realized that I could have done my landing at the Niagara Falls location too, which is much closer to Toronto..and that is where the US & Canadian posts are located next to each other. So one just parks the car in Canada and walks across to the US side.

    Anyways, only difference is that I drove for longer (to Buffalo) and the US & Canadian posts are not next to each other, so I had to pay a $6 fee for the I-94 when entering US. Its all good!

    My wife will do her landing separately - she is flying to the US and will land back at the Toronto airport.
  8. ciril99

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    We have landed through Rainbow bridge and completed the final step towards the Canadian PR.

    At the immigration, the IO was very strict and asked our status in US and how long my US visa was valid and some reasons the IO was not convinced we are not landing permanently and entered 'Not taking up residency' on our landing papers and asked us to sign on landing papers and asked us to go to customs to declare the list of goods. The IO did not take our address at Canada and gave us a copy of landing papers.

    We paid the tax fee at customs and came back and updated online with our mailing address.

    We checked our status online and our status indicated, 'became PR on such and such date'.

    Does any one had same experience as what we ended up having 'Not taking up residency' on landing papers?

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    Landing compeleted

    Landed thru the Peace Bridge with family over the weekend and it was a pleasant experience and the whole process didnt take more than 30min. i have taken a rental car and while entering Peace Bridge Officer asked to pull over the car and go inside the brick building when I told him that I was landing as a legal immigrant for the first time. After entering the Immigration building Immigration officer looked at the landing papers and asked for proof of funds.

    Showed him the cashiers checks worth 10k USD and he asked abt the address in Canada. I gave him the address of a friend in Toronto. Officer took it and updated in the system and told us to sign the landing papers.He then returned the passports
    with the copy of COPR stapled in passport and mentioned about the 2 out of 5 year rule to keep the PR status valid.Then asked us to proceed to Customs where I gave a goods to follow list..Officer just gave the receipt for the items I had shown and said we are done.

    We headed towards Niagara and spent the whole day overlooking Niagara falls and also visited CN tower in Toronto. Came back to the US next day thru the rainbrow bridge using AVR and it works perfectly fine.

    Me and my wife both had an expired H1 visa and valid H-1(I-797).Also both of us had filed I-485 and had Advanced parole(AP)..Thought we will use AP if the officer creates any problem at POE. The officer at the Rainbrow bridge looked at our I-797 and I-94 and told to proceed. We thanked him and drove back to US.

    I want to thank this forum for sharing all the valuable information and hope many people like me could benefit from the posts.Good luck to all those who are waiting.
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    Please help

    I have the PR card that i received back in april 2005. I am in US since then, and time to go back to canada now.
    My problem i dont know what i have declared in teh goods to follow form? What if i had not declared anything?
    Can i show the list and explain when i move actually in march/apr 2008?

    Can someone please help me? What are my options now?

    I feel so fool now that i didnt declare the goods to follow items.

  11. shail007

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    Did you fill up goods to follow form? Would you know what happens if you dont provide that info at that time? What are the problems when you take stuff with you at the time of moving?
  12. patagonia

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    Landing in Canada with AP

    I plan to land at Vancouver in the next few days and return to the USA with my AP documents in LA. I have a H1 document

    do immigration officials in Canada take the I-94 card. What type of questions I expect when I return in the USA
  13. nning

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    Does anybody have experience with getting landing fee refund? I have US greencard, so no need to land in Canada.
  14. arrow007

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    I got my landing fee refunded. Just send the papers and passports to Buffallo with a letter stating that you have decided not to pursue Canadian residency at this time due to personal reasons and request RPRF refund in te same letter. Also attach a self addressed trackable envelop in the same package. You should receive your passport with canceled visa within a week and the cheque of refund in a month.
  15. dhm2002

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    RPRF fees

    didn't know where to ask this question so thought I would post it here. i have to send in my Right of permanent residence fees. the paper from consulate says that its $490 * 2 (ie spouse and me) that correct?

    is there no fee for the child (my kid is 8 years old)?

    sorry for the dumb question but wanted to amke sure before a i get DD from the bank

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    Experience of unsuccessful Landing at Windsor, ON border. Denial by officer.

    Dear Canadian PR applicant,

    My relative tried to land in Canada(Windsor, Ontario) border by car. But officer denied to let him land/in.
    Myself is Canadian PR holder(might be expired now?), and 5.5 years USA GC holder.

    Here is the interesting detailed story. I hope, it will be useful for some of you.

    1. Candidate applied in November 2002 for Canadian PR.

    2. Candidate was working/living in India at that time. Born Indian citizen.

    3. Candidate applied for Canadian PR from Singapore using services of KAM International, Canada.
    Experience with KAM INTERNATIONAL is our WORST paid services experience ever.
    At one point, we found, KAM/they are most careless staff people, then we took charge of the application by ourselves.
    They never respond our call back. Even in this case of denial, KAM/they denied for any kind of appeal against this decision.
    Well, for KAM, I can write separate big story book. If anybody wants to know, ask me more.

    4. Candidate moved to USA in Oct 2004 on H1 visa of IT field.

    5. Candidate got medical papers in 2006 end. Candidate did medical in India in early 2007, because he was visiting India at that time.
    Note: If you do so, please let your embassy know, to pick up papers from New Delhi. Otherwise, New Delhi Canadian embassy will not mail your papers to your embassy(in our case, Singapore).

    6. Candidate was not having enough points. But, after providing 'English Proficiency Letter'. Singapore officer gave/stamp him visa in passport.

    7. Candidate reached to Windsor border last day, when one hour was left. Due to snow storm, and longer queue at border, candidate was late by 2 hours than expected. Though, 1 hour earlier than expiring date.

    8. Officer(male) threatened him very first. You just came now when less than 1 hour is left. I will make you sit outside for sometime, then time will be over, and you might not be able to land.
    Note: There were 6 officers in that office.

    9. After reading whole case, officer denied for landing. Officer said that, you don't have enough points. Even, Singapore office approved and stamped the visa.
    Note: At the Canadian border, Immigration officer can deny for your landing.

    10. Officer told him, If I will reject your case, then your spent fees will be wasted. So, sign this paper, and then you can apply again at no cost. Paper said that, "I am voluntarily denying for Canadian PR".
    Any comments???

    11. Then Candidate came back to USA border. USA border officials took his I-94 from I-797 paper.

    12. Candidate drove to home back in USA.

    While officer denied, I too was there. I argued using certain points. But officer said, you can't change my decision.
    Later, officer came out, and handed over our papers. At that time, officer said(or excused), "I have to answer our upper officials etc.". I said, "Your point system is broken, and you are denying the guy, who is making $70/hour in USA". Officer agreed up on these points. But, he didn't changed his decision. While leaving his office complex, he made sure, we are going to USA side and not Canada side.

    Any comment?
    How he can appeal?
    Is it recommended to send application again in Detroit/Buffalo?

    Well, one more thing, candidate had Ottawa, ON US embassy appointment. So, we took $131 USD DRAFT from Scotia bank. In fact, my friend took it. But due to this fail landing, candidate cannot visit USA embassy at Ottawa. And now he cannot get refund of DRAFT. Though, someone else can use it. Anybody interested? May be, I can give you at discounted price.

    Contact me at: 1-708-691-3876.

  17. vsshah

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    How to appeal against Canada Landing Denial at border (even passport is stamped)

    Disagreements, reviews and appeals FeaturesIn this section

    Fair treatment and a commitment to your rights are fundamental pillars that guide our relationship.

    Although most of our dealings are straightforward, sometimes a person or organization disagrees with us about an assessment or decision we've made.

    When that happens, we want to resolve the disagreement as quickly and easily as possible.

    Some disagreements are caused by a lack of information or by a simple miscommunication. That's why we say: "Talk to us".

    For instance:

    If you have a disagreement at an airport or border crossing, talk to the border services officer or superintendant while you're there. After the fact, you can contact one of our offices.

    After talking to us, you may not be satisfied with our answer. One of your rights is the right to a formal review.

    Our review process differs according to what's in disagreement or dispute.

    Learn more about what to do in specific situations:

    Formal Review

    Canadian International Trade Tribunal
    Canada Federal Court
    Supreme Court of Canada

    Note: In case of Landing Denial, you can file for appeal in 30 days, if you are in Canada. You can file for appeal in 60 days, if you are out of Canada.
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  18. patagonia

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    My landing experience

    About a month back, i had gone to land at Vancouver though my actual destination was elsewhere. I flew into Vancouver and was directed to the immigration formalities area. I had taken the amount required as Cashier's checks.

    It went pretty smoothly. The person in charge took the address in Canada where the PR card was to be sent. When landing, watch out the question how long you plan to be there? That was it !!!

    While returning, I came back using AP documents. That was also smooth.

    Thanks for other people's experiences. It was helpful.
  19. sonu_kumar

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    Landing Experience at Toronto Airport

    Dear All

    I want to know the new rules and regulations or Landing process at Toronto airport. Which documents,papers and forms they need at Landing time.
    Is it possible I can get these forms via internet. Therefore, I will safe time in terms of filling on the Airport.

    Is the Landing process time consuming or it is very fast at Toronto Airport.

    Other thing, if someone knows where I can find cheap residence form one month in Toronto.

  20. Triple Citizen

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    I landed in Pearson in 1997 and my wife in 2007. On both occasiosn it took less than 15 minutes.


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