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How to land and come back with no AP or H1b stamp

Thanks in advance for helping me.
I live in USA working on H1b. I have a valid I797 but only an F1 visa stamp on my passport. I never got the H1b stamp as didnt want to risk being stuck in my home country and loose my job. Currently waiting for EB3 to get current so I can apply for adjustment of status.

Our lawyer just applied for the Quebec immigration. He said we might be called for an interview in Montreal or Buffalo. I want to come back to USA asap after the interview and landing. I dont want to have to go to my home country for the H1 stamp.

Is there a way for me to come back without the stamp?

Please help. Really concerned about this problem.

Ive created several campaigns on Bing but My Landing page user experience score has been always low. Ive tried a number of methods to improve my landing page user experience score but was not able to.

What do you guys do to improve Landing page user experience score on Bing?
Applying for CSQ under the PEQ

Hi to all,
I have two quick questions for you guys and would very much appreciate it if anyone can share their experience or knowledge:

- Was wondering if if a Quebec graduate applies for CSQ under PEQ from inside Quebec and while awaiting its issuance or just after that, leaves Canada for a short-term training (2 years) in the US, does that cancel the CSQ application or the subsequent federal PR application?

- Alternatively, can one apply under PEQ from abroad e.g. US?

Many thanks