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Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by xl088, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. xl088

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    Hi all

    I just landed Canada on 02/08 by my car and came back US with AP.

    First of all, I went to the immigration counter, submitted my passport, landing paper, imm 5455 form attached the photo and I94. The officer checked them, asked me for the settlement funds and returned it to me after looked it. She asked me if I have a job in US and when I took the photo. Since the photo has expired, she took a new photo for me and filled in a new form of immi.5455. She wrote my new Canada address on the landing paper, asked me to signature on it and 5455, then stamped an immi.stamp on my pp, "Not valid for travel" on my landing paper. Finally, she returned them to me, told me that I could not go outside of Canada until I got my PR by mail, and she revoked my I94 because it was no longer useful for me. I asked her if I needed to fill any forms for PR card and paid the app. fee. She said no.

    Then I went to the customs counter. I declared some goods including my car accompanied with me this time, and another goods to follow. The customs officer asked for the title of my car, filled in a form 1, let me pay the registration fee about Cdn 180. She gave me the form 1, and another form for goods to follow which I need to take it when I go to Canada next time. But I think maybe it is a mistake that I declare my car on landing.

    When I came back US, I submitted my pp and AP. They just checked my car and asked if I take food, alcoholic, tobacoo. I parked my car and went to the immi. counter for waiting the process. An officer checked my pp and AP, filled in a new I94, and stamped on my pp,AP, I94 with a special stamp. They did not ask me anything. The stamped date is the expired date on my AP. So I think if you have a valid I797 and visa, just use it instead of AP.

    It took me 1.5 hours at the Canada port and only 0.5 hour at the US port. I hope it is useful.

    BTW, there is my new problem, pls help me to handle it. Thanks a lot!
    Today I receive a letter sent by Registrar of Imported Vehicles . Since I declared my own car when I landed, I must complete the Federal Inspection and required modifications before 03/25. Otherwise they " will make me liable for additional fines and penalties." I also need to obtain directly a proof of recall clearance form the Manufacturer or their designated agent or dealership.

    I don't want to register my car right now because the title will be revoked. My land location is Ottawa, and my questions are:

    1. How to handle this problem? Will it affect my PR card if I don't complete the registration?

    2. How much is the fines and penalties about? How to explain that I will not register my car?

    3. What is the mean for the recall clearance?

  2. vault

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    It's too late now. You should have taken a rental car. There were multiple posts about this problem. You will have to now comply with the registration process (car). You will have to take your car to one of the Canadian tire locations and get your car inspected. If your car already has daytime running lights then it is ok. They will change the odometer from M/ph to K/mph. they will also check the emissions. Once this is done, you will have to get your auto insurence in Canada. Then take the proff of Auto insurance along with the certification given by Canadian tire to get your registration done in Canada.

    If you do not do this, you will keep getting nasty postal mail from DMV canada. If you still do not comply, if you ever take your car into Canada, your car will be seized.

    In regards to recall clerance, you will have to call the Manufacturer of your car, and ask them for a recall clerance letter. ( )
  3. xl088

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    It is so terrible!

    May I cancel the schedule for registration?
  4. vault

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    That's your call!!
  5. RamFan

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    Question for xl088


    Why did you handed over your I-94 to Canadian immigration officer? I thought that INS or airline folks suppose to keep your I-94 once you leave U.S by land or air.

    Did Canadians specifically asked you for I-94?


  6. mercury6

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    Is it not possible to tell DMV Canada that you dont intend to bring that car anymore (even though you declared it).
  7. ginnu

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    “Why did you handed over your I-94 to Canadian immigration officer? I thought that INS or airline folks suppose to keep your I-94 once you leave U.S by land or air.”

    Airlines do not ask for I-94 if you are taking a flight from US to Canada as it is treated as domestic flight, I have taken flight many times from BWI and Newark Airports to Toronto and they never took my I-94. from BWI I took US airways and from Newark NJ, united airlines. When you come to US from Toronto you face the INS at Toronto airport before boarding a flight for US, I have returned to US with same I-94 many times, only once I was given new I-94 by the INS officer at Toronto airport (he was old fellow, I requested him that my visit is less than 30 days and I am subject to automatic visa revalidation but he was not understanding what I was saying I showed him print out for Automatic visa revalidation from department site and he kept that print out with him).
  8. g_m111

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    I - 94


    When I acme to the US on a visitor visa I had got the I-94. Then I changed to a F-1 status (student ). Then after some time I was reinstated by the INS, and for that I had to send my I-94 (original) to them. Since my coming here I have never travelled outside this country. So in the nutshell, I don't have my I-94.

    Will that be a problem, when I face the canadian officials.

    How can I obtain it, if at all I can

  9. xl088

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    Hi guys

    My visa was only one entry and expired over 1 year. I am not sure if there are any problems if I don't submit my old I94. Because on the back, it indicates that I should submit it to the POE officer of Canada.

    Anybody pls give me advice for the registration of my car since I have declared it when I landed. My relative, who has lived in Canada for over 3 years, told me that I should declare my car on landing, otherwise I would pay very expensive tax if I wanted to bring my car to Canada next time. Right now I have received a notice from riv(Registrar of Imported Vehicles). I must reply ASAP.

    Can I declare that I should go back US for my job? Can I cancel the schedule of registration? Will it affect my PR card? pls respond me with good advice or experience.

    Thanks a lot.
  10. Vjy

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    Hello Dear,

    Its not the End-of-your-world.

    I suggest you to call/contact RIV and let them know that you had to come back to US for your Job and i guess they will let you
    know the subsequent steps, if there are any.

    And upon receipt of your PR Cards you can go back and complete
    the Registration process.

    Remember you still have a copy of your "registration fee about Cdn 180" which should suffice.

    Sometimes, we cannot afford mistakes, but thats the way we learn.

    All the best.

    Vijay :)
  11. deba_sinh

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    Declarartion of car


    I have been a victim of this procedure of importing a car and I faced the same problems. I had also come back to the US after landing and brought my car back with me which I eventualy sold. I got around this by informing the authorities that I no longer wished to kep the car in Canada and I am taking it back to the US. I received subsequent letters from them asking me to pay the fees etc. I replied back that I had already taken the car back and no longer in possession of it and since I do not own the car and have taken it out of Canada, I am not subject to the fees. All was well untill after a year and half I received a letter again outlining the fees due and amount of fines (hefty) to be imposed and further action if I did not pay up. I sent back the same reply and was asked to produce evidence of the car having been taken out of Canada. Fortunately I had a sell deed which proved to be invaluable and they accepted the copy and waived my fees. I am not sugesting that you sell your vehicle, but you can probably inform them of your decision to take the vehicle out and see what their response is.
  12. meg_z

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    Importing Cars

    The discussion reminded me of my landing trip. I paid the fee for this. But since I did not have a Canadian address so the custom officer gave me the forms to mail to the DMV (?) myself when I would have a Canadian address. I remember the time limit was one year, which is already expired. I never mailed it since I have not made the trip there ever since. Do you guys see a problem here? Thanks in advance.
  13. srini88

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    Hi xl088

    So in order to re enter the US you need to have either a valid visa such as H1B or AP is that correct? Are there any issues in re entering the US once they take away your I-94 and cancel your landing papers?
  14. rb2002

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    I am planning to land on April 4th and I have a question. We are planning to fly to Vancouver. So if I declare my car in goods to follow list, would that create any problems for me ie would I be required to do any registration formalities at this point?? Need reply at the earliest.......please
  15. helpneonica

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    Waht is the min. required for landing

    I wanted to know what is the min. required for Landing as
    I plan to land and immediately come back after landing by road.(Rental car). I am in Seattle and can go later to do other formalities. Is it possible since I have Advance Parole or do I
    need to wait for the PR card to come in mail.( I am giving my Relatives Address).

    Please help as I have to land immediately.(Exp. Date: end of April)

  16. helpneonica

    helpneonica Registered Users (C)

    Waht is the min. required for landing

    I wanted to know what is the min. required for Landing as
    I plan to land and immediately come back after landing by road.(Rental car). I am in Seattle and can go later to do other formalities. Is it possible since I have Advance Parole or do I
    need to wait for the PR card to come in mail.( I am giving my Relatives Address).

    Please help as I have to land immediately.(Exp. Date: end of April)

  17. in limbo

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    There is no minimum waiting period. You can land and then turn around and drive right back into the US since you have Adv. Parole...also, the landing document is valid for travel till the end of 2003(even though they stamp it as not valid for travel). It takes about 6 weeks for the Canadian PR to arrive in the can give a relatives address and then complete all the other procedures (SIN card etc.) after you get the PR...unless you plan to move to Canada sooner than that.
  18. welcomehome

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    Hi ,

    I had recently got a first Initial assesment and my interview was waived off.
    1) Can someone reply to my questions??They have asked for recent paystubs & recent W2 returns but I am on leave since May2003 so Can I just Aprill2003 paystub ( is only one paystub ok??)
    2)Also now that I will have to pay the fees too, if for any reason I decide not to go to canada after I receive the final landing papers, can I still be eligible for refund for RLOF??
    3) They had asked for transcript along but in India no one gives or has transcript can someone tell me if this is mandatory???
    4)Now that they had waived off my Interview, Can I still submit my medical within six months or do I have to send them along with other supporting docs asked by them?? If I dont sent the medicals immly and sent the other docs immly, what will be their stand?? Will they send me a letter asking me to send the medicals??
    5) Once they get all papers, I guess they ask passport for stamping so is it ok, if I send my passport by some means or do I have to be physically present in the country??
    Replies Appreciated !

  19. Gudu1

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    please help..........

    I am planning to land in Canada soon (going from USA), do I have to take funds w/me (in cash/draft form) or US bank statement or bank letter with balance verification would suffice the requirements. Thx
  20. safdarali

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    My Landing Expereince

    Hello All-
    I had very bad landing expereince on 06/02/03 at 5:00 AM. Please read the letter which I emailed to the Immigration minister today.

    Dear Honorable Denis Coderre,

    I just want to put up my first time landing experience to your good office.
    On 2nd June, 2003 at about 5:00 AM I came to Canada US border port through Ambassador bridge. After asking some basic questions at the entry booth by the officers I have been told to report for Custom & Immigrations. When I entered into the Immigration side of the building I found no one at the counters. I just slightly knocked on the counter and said “Any body home” in a very pleasant tone.
    In few seconds a lady comes out of the room (seems wakeup from a good night sleep). I told her that I am a first time landing being an immigrant & I am sorry to bother you at this hour/time. She looked back (I believe to watch the clock) and replied to me yes it is 5:00 AM in morning.
    Instead of welcoming me to Canada ( As I read from others experience on internet forums that everyone who is landing first time was treated in a very nicely manner) I had a 120 degree reverse experience. The lady officer had a very bad attitude towards me, which dishearten me a lot.
    After going through a tough time in Immigration dept I went for Customs & I have been treated with due respect & as per expectations.
    I believe being Landed Immigrant it is my duty to inform you about unusual incidence. I hope this type of incident will not be repeated with any other newly landing immigrant.


    My name & Address ......

    I was in a situation that I landed so early as I was travelling from Minneapolis to Canada. So try to land in day time. I mean try not to disturb Immigration officers.
    Anyhow I applied for SIN #, Opened Bank Acct as I have already had prrof of residence (letter addressed to me at the address of landing).
    Called CIC center to ask about travelling out of Canada without a PR card. They informed me to get a "Limited Use travel document" from the Canada Consulate abroad.
    Also you can import your things/items later in installemsnts. Like if you have a list of 100 items to folow then you can devide those 100 into into 5 installments & they (Canada Custom) will cross the items you bring in each time out of the Goods to Follow list you had.

    Good Luck every one. I will post my US (H1-B) visa application/interview expereince in related folder.

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