Interview : Transferred to HARTFORD, Connecticut

My Case details r as below:

I-140/I485/EAD/AP file with VSC.


we r planning to move in the same city, will that change in address will effect the processing time of the case?

Appreciare your help.
Thank you.
Hi jyjy99_00,

Neither me nor my attorney has yet received any letter from VSC. I know my case was transferred to Hartford by checking the status online. We are still waiting for the notice and hopefully find out why my case was transferred.

I did applied to renewal of EAD and AP second time since I applied for I-485. I just got AP after 40 days and still waiting for EAD approval atleast not I-485. So that I will be able to work.
Qustion: What if EAD will not be approved within 90 days ?
Hi rdp_2001,

You can not work with out a valid EAD...but it wont effect ur status or 485 process...It happened to us..we could not work for couple of weeks in between..when we filed..our EAD..less than 90 days of expiration...

We are expecting our approval soon...Lets make it happen...
Victoria or Netboyks or anyone else (transferred hartford cases).

did any of you have received the plastic card yet .

I got my passport stamped on 2/18/2003 and have not yet my received my plastic cards yet. !

Could any one please post if any of you have received the plastic card after getting stamped after 2/12/2003.

Received Interview Letter from Hartford BCIS

My Wife received an Interview letter from Hartford office.

Her case was transfered to Hartford on Feb 20th, 2003 from NSC -yes its NSC not VSC. By the same time, my case was approved on Feb 6th and I stamped my passport at Hartford office. I am the primary applicant and my wife is dependant. But only her case was transfered to local INS.

Now she received interview letter and her appointment is on July 22, 03.

The letter asks her to bring the following documents:



Any prior approval notices

Current emp letter if she is working ( but she is not working)

Marriage certificate, then like joint lease, joint income taxes, joint medical coverage cards, joint checking and savings statements

Tax Returns for the last 3 years, current emp letter w/ pay stubs - Financial sponsor on Form I864 (I dont know what is this)

I really appreciate if you have any suggestions for the interview.

Thanks in advance

Hi Finally after a long wait my card is approved. Here is my 485 Journey.

Applied for 485 on January 2001, that is correct it is January 2001. I have waited 31 months to get my approval. After 10 months of the 485 the client was terminating all the contractors and I need to move out of the client, and my employers have struggled to get a job and found after 32 days. I have started with the new client.

The old client contacted me and offered to join them directly. I have delayed this process and finally accepted the offer and discussed with my sponsored employer and with his consent, I left the old employer and joined my original client on October 15th 2001. Alas I got a RFE on October 27th 2001.

I was trying to get the employment letter from the old employer but he said he don’t want to do this. I got the letter from the new employer and submitted the RFE response on December 2001.

The next wait started and I was waiting for about five months and nothing happened. I called Vermont couple of times with no good response. I talked to the Lawyer’s office, they just got the same response what I got from Vermont “wait for two more months”.

Finally after a month and half battle I got through a helping IIO who informed, my original 140 was approved for Counselor Processing, and has been sent to my Country and Vermont has requested it and didn’t get the file back, that is the reason for the delay. I have sent a mail to the Embassy in India and got a response back from them stating that they have sent the file in late December 2001 itself.

Again I called Vermont and this time, to know my case is transferred to local office Hartford for interview.

Damn it!!! Once again, the next wait started. This transfer happened on June 2nd 2002. I have waited and followed up this thread to find a pattern in the Interview call. It didn’t seem to have any logic. I called up the lawyer’s office again, the reply from them is “It is in the local office go there directly and let us know what is the status”. This seems nice you pay the lawyer and you find out about your case and update the lawyer. Anyway, it is my card, so I decided to go to Hartford on January 2003. I went and waited on the queue and after three hours, I got the reply “Wait for two months”. That stupid officer didn’t even look at my file. She gave the arrogant answer.

With no success with the local office, again back to the web sites and try to get some help, hope. Finally after 13 months of transfer, still I didn’t have the interview,

I went back to Hartford, again on June 24th 2003 and this time luck seems to change and show its fun face to me. I have waited for three hours again. I got a nice lady this time, who looked into the files, and discussed with some one inside the office. She said, “Sorry this was a mistake on our part, because of the high workload, we cannot schedule the interview immediately, but we will setup something with two months”. That time, I thought this is another six months. But luckily I got the interview letter from them within five days. The interview was scheduled for 8th of July 2003.

I have collected all my documents and checked all the interview threads and had all the papers. I saw in the message from Victoria that the officer asked for 140 approval copy, I asked the lawyer to send me a copy, which I didn’t have. The lawyer said this is employer’s document, he cannot send it to me.

Hoping the officer will not ask for this I went to Hartford. The ultimate time of my Green Card Journey, the officer came out and called our names, the look on his face said, I am going to have a hard time. We went inside (myself and my wife), the officer asked us to take oath and his first word is “Where is your attorney, without your attorney I cannot adjust your case”. I kept my cool and answered I am willing to take the interview without my lawyer and signed the consent letter.

He asked for the employment letter, pay stubs, which I have provided. And here comes the trouble. He asked for the VISA approval, I thought he was asking for the old H1 approvals, I have provided H1 Approval papers. He said, “No I am looking for the Original 140 approval”, which I didn’t have. I said, “I don’t have the original”, for that matter I didn’t have a copy itself. He stated, “Your application has only labor certification and Adjustment application, I cannot adjust the status, you need to contact your lawyer or the Vermont Office and send us the original approval, I will give you three months time, If you don’t provide this in three months then I have to deny the petition”. I was trying to explain, “I had the 140 approval on October 2000 and based on that only I can apply for 485. Also 140 is the employer’s document, I won’t be having the original. If needed, I can call up the lawyer’s office and ask them to send a fax copy of the approval”. The office replied, back “No I can’t take a copy or a fax, I need the original, without that I need to deny your case”.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I flipped, I got up and said, “Thanks for your time officer. the 140 is approved by your office and your office lost it some where, I am sure the lawyer will have a copy, But I don’t want to pursue my application any further. This process looks ridiculous, you don’t have to deny my case, I will cancel my petition myself”. Then the officer said, “You are under oath and do you really don’t want to be in this country”. My wife is trying to calm me down, then I said, “I wanted to be in this country that is why I applied and waited for such a long time. If you say you will deny my case for no fault of mine, which frustrates me”.

After my answer he flipped couple of papers on my file, and said “Let me go talk to my supervisor and see what I can do”, He went inside and came back after few minutes. He asked me write the address on the Yellow notice, collected the I-94s and all the old approvals, Advance Parole, interview letter, pay stub etc. He also asked me to give the finger print. I asked him “Do you want me to contact the Vermont office and try to get the 140 approval?” He said, no actually we found the copy of the approval, we will try to adjust based on the copy. Sorry for the inconvenience. You will hear from us with in three months.”

With that, I have decided my GC is gone, and came back and given the finger print and called up the lawyer’s office informed them about the conversation and came home.

To my surprise, I got the letter yesterday from Hartford stating our cases have been approved, the cards have been ordered. It also states to get our passport stamped within 30 days of the notice. I guess that’s it I am all done.

Sorry for this lengthy message. This thread was a great help. I was a active user earlier and lost hope and was checking the messages in the past one year. I am happy to answer to any questions you have.
Hi brangana,

That's great made it..Congrats!!!....It gives us hope u we go there n enquire..probably helps us to get interview quickly..

Please keep visiting the forums..for some more time..u may be helpful for some of us..

HI skus01,

I865 is a simple form..just download it..and fill it up by urself..(basically it says..u r going to take care of ur wife/children..whoever is dependent on you..) case if they ask for affidavit..fill up the form n goto AAA office or ur bank ask them to do affidvit..they will be happy to do that..

Make it a great day
We are expecting our approval very soon...
Congratlations. Sometimes laaton ke booth baton se nahin mante (assuming you know Hindi). Now starts the other wait for the cards. I did not get mine till now. I had my stamping done sometime in Jan (if I remember correctly).
Have Fun.
Originally posted by CamSreeni
Hi brangana,

That's great made it..Congrats!!!....It gives us hope u we go there n enquire..probably helps us to get interview quickly..

Please keep visiting the forums..for some more time..u may be helpful for some of us..



I blelieve so, Hopefully when you go there to verify you get a sincere officer, who can look into the files and provide you an answer.
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Anyone ...
Becuase of delay in getting Interview calls ... Applied for EAD exactly 90 days before the expiration. Now Lawyer is talking about Interim EAD application as it did not came by till this time..
Any Experience with Interim EAD is most welcome ....
Case approved after interview

My wife's interview was scheduled today(07/22).
After the interview she got stamping on her passport.

As per our appointment, we went for interview. Appointment time was 9.40, we entered the office around 9.10.
We dropped the interview letter then waited for the call.
The officer came and called my wife within 10 min.
He said that I can also come with her and also our daughter.
He asked my wife to take Oath.
He asked for the Birth Certificate of our daughter. Then he asked
my GC, I gave him the approval notice copy and Passport Stamping copy and I told him that I've not yet received the card.
He said these documents are enough and took all the copies for them.

He asked the same questions like
Have you ever been arrested ?
Have you everbeen diported ?
Is this your first marriage?

He verified our Driving Licenses and also we gave him the AP and EADs. ( He didn't ask for those).

Then he said everything was fine and stamped her passport and asked her to give FP. It took only 5 min. He was very nice guy and didnt ask anything else.

We walked to the office room #450 and went directly inside to the FP room. No need to wait in the queue.
And did the FP.

Our case filed in NSC.
RD: Sep 2001.
My case approved by NSC on Feb 2003 and my wife case transfered to local INS, Hartford, CT.
Did her 2nd FP last week (07/16/03)

BEST OF LUCK. hope the above info will help the GC followers.
Plastic card received

We received our plastic card today in mail.

RD: 7/13/2001
TD: 5/1/2002
ID: 5/27/2003
AD: 5/27/2003
PC: 7/22/03

Good luck to you guys. Hope you all get your approvals soon by God's grace.