Interview : Transferred to HARTFORD, Connecticut


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RD 08/06/2001
FP 12/11/2001

Anyone whose I-485 case is transferred to HARTFORD, Connecticut for Interview. Please share your valuable experience.

1. What does exactly it means to transfer the case to local office for interview.
2. Is it a good or Bad sign.
3. Do they would like to see Tax returns in person ?
4. What kind of documents they need, or I am suppose to have during the interview ?
5. Is it becuase of the lawyer's mistake anywhere in forms ?
6. Any fingerprinting problem ?
7. Any problem with I-94 ?
8. Very close Passport Expiration date?
9. Very Close to Visa Expiration date, altough EAD and AP date is far from it?

Please forgive me, if asking for more questions


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Do not worry. I am in the same boat. Could you tell me when did your case got transfered. There is no particular reason for the transfer of the case. It is just random. You will recieve an interview letter from the local INS stating the date and time and the documents they want. Let us wait and see.
Have Fun Till then as there is nothing much you can do.


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01 st August 2002.
Your case is also transferred to HArtford office. If yes, please share the expereince. Please inform me about the interview call too. I will do the same, if I will get it before you.


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To Hartford

RD: Aug 10, 2001

My case was transferred to Hartford according to the AVM on 8/1/2002. My lawyer wants me to go to the Hartford office in-person to get the status.

I called (860-240-3050) the Hartford office yesterday; they say it will take 8-10 months for the interview. I hope this is the standard message! They will not give any more information over the phone.

Will let you (all) know if I get any correspondence.


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My case was transfered to Hartford, CT INS on June 12th. I did went in person to extend my EAD and asked the IIO regarding the ETA for the interview. The answer is 6 months. Standard. So I guess we have to wait until they call us. Please do share your experiences. If you guys are getting close to the expiration of you EAD, then please renew them.
Have Fun till then.


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EAD and AP transferred to Hartford as well!

When they mentioned that my 485 case was transferred to Hartford, I did not think much about the EAD and AP extensions I applied for in early August. It seems that the 485, EAD and AP applications for my wife and I were ALL transferred to Hartford.

I may go to Hartford tomorrow, will let you know what happens.


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My lawyer told me to apply AP, EAD from HARTFORD. So, I think everything is trasnferred to HARTFORD office.

Waiting for your response/expereince of HARTFORD office trip.


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Trip to Hartford

Sorry for the delay, I had uname-passwd issues. The trip to Hartford was quite informative. The IIO mentioned that 485 takes 8-10 months from the receive date at Hartford (!?!?!). Of course, my finger printing will be expired by that time, so they will ask me to go for FP again. I did not ask about the medical.

The EAD and AP will take 90 days from the receive date at Hartford as well!!! Sorry for the gloomy news, this is what I heard. Although I applied for EAD in August, Hartford received in September from VSC so I am going to be out EA for a month. Don’t know the full impact of it yet.

Hopefully the timelines are shorter than what they said.


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Got an letter from Hartford to collect EAD.

Question: Date, Time and room number is given to collect EAD in the letter from hartford. Can I go on the time mentioned ? OR DO I need to go very early in the morning and take the number to collect EAD ?

Once I will be back, let you know guys.
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Great that you got the EAD. There is some hope for me. If they gave you a time and if the time is not 8am, I would not go early (just my thoughts, not an expert on these matters).

Why aren't they sending it to you by post? Seems a waste of time - of course, the GC process is not known for its efficiency!


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My wife EAD and AP are also expiring in November (our visas are already expired in Aug'2002). She is not working.
I got my AP and going to Hartford to collect EAD next 20 days (if everything goes well).
Can I apply for wife EAD and AP ? Appreciate the responses.


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It is always good to extend ead rd is dec but my lawyer suggeted me to apply ead 90 days the ead should not expire


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Is there anybody, who applied AP and/or EAD application by own, cuawse laywers are asking for $700 bugs ?

Deepesh Jiwani

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applied Extension

I applied for my extension on my own last week

and next week will apply for wife fresh

lawyers were asking 300 a piece + filing fees

saved myself 600---- let's see

what should i get ???

planning to buy an SLR Camera



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I went to the hartford ins office the application and they gave me the signature cards also....
Completed my application with an $120 fee...and planning to post to VSC today.


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AC21 Case approved- Informed Job change


By the Grace of God (AC21 Case) our(self and my wie) 485 was approved on Sep 20,2002. I had checked up on online as well as AVM and both have updated simultaneously today. It was a very loooooooooooooooong journey for myself and my wife. I would like to give detailed information which will be pretty useful for our members.

LIN 01-218-xxxxx, EB3,India RD Jun 7,2001 ND July 12,2001 FP1 20th Dec 2001 at Kansas City

FP2 August 15,2002 at Hartford, CT Approval Date Sep 20,2002. Awaiting approval letters. NSC
(If anybody is having any stamping experience in Hartford, CT please do share)

Detailed Information:-

1.Started the Green Card Process in Feb 1997, and till April 1999 the company lawyer did not do anything. After the vigorous follow up my initial labor was approved August 1999. Lawyers were not doing pretty good job then company changed the lawyers

2.Applied for I140 in Sep 1999 and this I140 got approved in Sep 2000.

3.Company name got changed I140 was amended in Nov 2000.

4.Applied for I485 in May 2001. Waited waited waited and suddenly in October 2001 our company asked me to leave and I left the old company(After working for about 5 1/2 yrs). By the grace of god found the job in CT location and they were very much kind enough to listen to my problems and green card issues. After the completion 6 months (in January 2002) joined permanently with client in CT. They very much helpful and got the new job offer letter with same job description which is similar to my old job.

5.In 3rd week of Jan 2002, voluntarily informed INS about my job change with a letter from my present employer stating the job description, salary (which is almost 45% lesser than my previous salary) and also informed the Address change. I was so much worried that it may get transferred to Vermont or to local INS @ Hartford, CT...

(I am forwarding the sample format of the letter, which was given by Mr. Nara Naveen, which I had sent it to NSC)



Ref: Adjustment of Status Application I 485 LIN 01-218-xxxxx, my Name

Dear Center Director:

This is to inform you that above I 485 applicant Mr. ----------- intents to change his employer and accept the employement with M/S------------ at CT. The application for adjustment of status filed in his behalf on June 7,2001 and more than 180 days have passed since this filing. We are enclosing his herewith I485 receipt dt. June 7,2001

In his new position, Mr-------- will be working as contract specialist (Hardware/software). We are enclosing herewith employment offer letter from M/S-----at CTwhich states job responsibilities of this position in detail. This position and its responsibilities are similar to one Mr.---------had with his earlier sponsoring employerM/s-----------.

We are enclosing all the relevant documents.

1. I 485 receipt 2. New job offer letter ( my salary was 45% lower than the existing job, please do not worry about your salary) 3. Present companies financial report .

6.In Feb 2002, my previous company lawyer withdrawn her representation voluntarily, and sent a letter to INS. I was so much worried and tensed found a excellent lawyer in White Plains, NY (Sunil Khurana @ White Plains, NY, if any body needs contact information please let me know).

7.New lawyer sent the G28 information alongwith job change letter for myself. G28 for my wife.

8.In June 2002 Extended AP for another 1 more year.

9.In August 15,2002 went for Second Finger Print at Hartford, CT only for myself.

10. In Sep 17,2002 got the second EAD extended till Dec 2003.

Today I had checked up online and it was saying approved for both of us. Unable to believe then checked up AVM it also changed to on Sep 20,2002 your case was approved. (So far talked 5 times with NSC and they asked me to wait wait).

Waiting for the approval letters. If any of our friends got the stamping at Hartford,CT please share your experience. I heard that at Hartford, CT they are waiting for the stamping in passport.. If anybody got stamped already please let me know.

Thanks to this group for the excellent sharing of information.

Warm regards