Interview : Transferred to HARTFORD, Connecticut

My lawyer was supposed to get the approval letter (which she never) we just got the welcome letter which is basically saying that we are now officially permanant residents of the USA, I guess it is jsut the same from what I have been reading the approval notices are coming over the email from the online status check then the welcome letter appears through the mail. the local office sends your case back to the main service center where a new file is opened for you called creation of permanant records so when you go through immigration your data is inputted and it shows you are a perm resident. but your GC tells them that anyway.
imawaiting, they gave a EAC# in the welcome notice. When I put that, I get the following:


Current Status:

This case has been approved. On October 3, 2005, an approval notice was mailed. If 14 days have passed and you have not received this notice, you may wish to verify or update your address. To update your address, please call the National Customer Service Center at (800) 375-5283.

what does this mean? :confused:
finally! the journey is over!!!

guys, we got our card yesterday. Thanks for all the support. Specially imawaiting and jannanwaill, who were there all throughout for answering questions and giving support even in last years holiday time when it was very difficult for me.

I am so used to reading the posts here in immigration portal that I will definitely come everyday here. It is like reading everyday newspaper for me :)

akmount, please let us know what's going on in your case. also, EB3 friends, let us know when you get your approvals. :D :D :D

Heartiest Congratulations, once again!!

I would certainly keep updating the forum about the developments. Looks like I am next in the queue. Wish things move fast for me and hence everyone after me. :) :)
I told you you would get them within 2/3 days well done. don't ask about the EAC # for the 181 form, I typed in the number and it said our case was approved July 26th and cards were ordered spouse app said July 24th they stamped our passports with the date of June 20th when I checked again online there was another set of dates??? I think they have everything wrapped around there neck. But I guess the main thing is it is over and done. All you have left is to go home and test them out..

I hope we start hearing of some more approvals we need to pull up the list to see who is left.

TD 06/15/2004 (485 RD 08/xx/2003) AD 01/26/2005, GC Rcvd - edvttores
TD 06/18/2004 (485 RD 10/07/2002) AD 03/02/2005, GC Rcvd - Mike Metal
TD 06/21/2004 (485 RD XX/xx/2002) AD 12/22/2004 - GPT_AMIT
TD 07/14/2004 (485 ND 02/27/2003) AD 06/29/2005 - sbctsublc
TD 07/23/2004 (485 RD 01/06/2003) AD 06/27/2005 - HariCT
TD 08/26/2004 (485 RD 06/xx/2002) AD 06/28/2005, GC Rcvd - Imawaiting
TD 08/18/2004 (485 RD 11/29/2002) AD 06/27/2005 - GC Rcvd -jannanwill
TD 08/xx/2004 (485 RD 09/xx/2002) - Interview XX/xx/2005 - SMT
TD 08/12/2004 (485 RD 07/xx/2002) - Third FP 11/xx/2004 - GSSr
TD 09/06/2004 (485 RD 05/19/2003) - Interview 07/30/2005 - InTheHunt EB3 NO STAMP
TD 09/10/2004 (485 RD 04/xx/2003) - Interview 07/26/05 - EB3- chowds NO STAMP
TD 10/xx/2004 (485 RD 06/xx/2004) - Interview 08/XX/2005 greenie05
TD 10/24/2004 (485 RD 06/30/2003) AD 07/13/2005 - GPT_AMIT's wife
TD 11/23/2004 (485 RD 04/07/2003) - AD 09/XX/05 GC Rcvd - pibo
TD 11/16/2004 (485 ND 07/03/2003) - Interview 07/22/2005 - EB3 - FH-MIET NO STAMP
TD 12/XX/2004 (485 RD 10/XX/2002) AD 06/XX/2005 - EB1- gotitgc
TD 12/27/2004 (485 RD 10/20/2003) - Interview 08/09/2005 (Missed), Rescheduled 09/XX/2005 - CSC Transfer - akmount (Pending approval)
TD 04/XX/2005 (485 RD 10/XX/2002) - tc 20
TD 04/XX/2005 (485 RD 8/XX/2002) - Interview XX/XX/2005 - glb
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It appears to have gone quiet I guess there is no news coming out of Hartford?? and visa numbers not moving along to well dosn't help. they are still interviewing in NYC I have a friend who is family based being interviewed in Hartford in Jan...

I think we are still waiting on 8 some for visa some for interview.
new transfer to here

my case just got transferred to hartford. It feels pretty bad since I have waited for long time and they still can't make a decision. I have to wait even longer for scheduling and inteview. I searched the uscis website that hartford is processing 485 with RD of dec/05. my 485 RD is dec/04. how long can I get scheduled for interview?

it seems pretty quiet for long time in this thread, does anyone have any update information? please share.
sign, the May 22nd post of processing time didn't move at all. guys, once you know your case got transferred, do you usually check with local office to confirm? or just wait untill the interview letter arrives? how do i make sure my case was REALLY transferred, any idea?
SOrry can't tell you the processing status in HArtford but I would give it a couple of months then make an appointment and Make sure your case has reached Hartford Mine transferred OCt 03 and never reached Hartford until Aug 04 or write to senator/congress person they will send a letter enquiring and come back with the information for you. Being transferred is a real pain and it is even worse when you are the only one sitting on the boat, Good luck
Finally approved:

Finally approved:

LC EB-3 ROW RIR - PD - 17-SEP-2001 Certified-14-MAY-2003
I-140 RD 03-JUL-2003 Approved- 10-MAY-2004
I-485 RD 03-JUL-2003
Transferred to Hartford local USCIS office - 18-NOV-2004 (I hate this office)
Interview #1 (Hartford) - 21-JUL-2005 Retrogression + AC21 Letter
1 Change of address 01-DEC-2005 (CT -> CT)
2 Change of address 01-FEB-2006 (CT -> MA)
Change of employer (АC-21) (MA->CA , permanent -> contract)
3 Change of address 01-APR-2006 (CT -> CA)
Interview #2 (San Bernardino) - 25-JUL-2006 AC21 Letter , No approval, request for additional documents from employer (ability to pay)
06-AUG-2006 LUD(last update date) I-140
31-AUG-2006 I-485 On August 31, 2006, your I485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status was received here for processing. We will mail you a decision as soon as processing is complete. You can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done. Follow the the link below for current processing dates.
13-SEP-2006 I-485 On September 13, 2006, after approving your application, we ordered you a new card. Your card will be mailed to you as soon as it is ready.
18-SEP-2006 I-485 This case has been approved. On September 16, 2006, an approval notice was mailed. If 30 days have passed and you have not received this notice, you may wish to verify or update your address. To update your address, please speak to an Immigration Information Officer during business hours.
19-SEP-2006 Cards received
3 requests from Congresswomen (Nancy Johnson)
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