Interview : Transferred to HARTFORD, Connecticut

good luck akmount
Are you taking a lawyer?

ASk all the questions what will happen now how long is it going to take I can't see them putting the dates back and pulling in interviews for the cases to sit back on piles dosn't make sense for some reason I believe alot of #'s are allocated out of the new availabilty thats why they retrogressed so much? :confused: oh well who knows just when you think you have the USCIS summed up they go and change everything.

No - I am not taking any lawyer as I don't see any issues with my case.
I have almost all the stubs they have asked for. And I have not changed
employer. Also t is little hard for me to bring white elephant all the way
from CA.

I didn't quite understand your (guess) logic. They have lot of visa numbers
available that's why they retrogressed the dates? I though if at all these
2 are in same equation, it should be other way round. In my opinion, they
retrogress dates to finish big piles of older dates. Am I wrong?
pibo said:
Imawaiting, thanks. I definitely read your reply. Now jannan, imawaiting, SMT, I have a few questions. Did you go to a different room and gave finger print? Also, did they ask you to bring photos?

For me, when I entered she told me to sign and took finger print of index finger. She did not ask us for photos or any other finger print. Please try to remember the sequence and please reply. Actually, I know that I should stop worrying, but the visa # situation made me crazy :(

They took finger print of index finger only. And ask me I want to use the old photo or do I have another one? so you should be fine. Don't worry to much on the visa no as they stamped on the passport it is over. We didn't get our card yet. Once I get it I will update you
I got interviewed

Though my wife didn't receive interview letter, she went along. When I was called in for the interview, I mentioned to the officer that her case was also there in the same office but we didn't receive interview notice for her. After some talks he agreed to look into the systems and then found that it was indeed there. Then he asked someone to get her files. While the search for her file was going on, he conducted interviews for both of us and asked for some standard documents - and hardly looked at them. He told that he is doing all formalities for my wife as well so that she doesn't have to come for interview again/later.

Then the lady searching the files came saying she couldn't locate it. And then advised him to make a "T" file for her. The officer offered me 2 options to choose from - either get my case adjusted and leave her case pending or leave my case as well so that her case also gets the same weightage and priority.

Since I don't have any intentions of changing emloyer and we already have APs good for almost a year, I didn't opt for first one. And my wife needs GC more to apply to some schools.

Also he was looking genuinely inclined for second option as better option, so I opted for the second one. He told me that if leave your case, your "big" file would continue to sit on my shelf and keep reminding me about both the cases. He had some 6-7 files in his shelf but my file was somehow 2-3 times bigger than any of them.

I asked him about the visa number availability. He told I my case was E37 category (with professinal degrees) and they have visa numbers available for me, and he it been E36, I would have to wait for at least 2 years.

Since our finger prints were old, he asked us to go for finger prints and said that by the time we get the results of the fingerprints, we might be able to trace her files and then approve both the cases. He congratulated both of us and told us that our GCs would pop-up in the mail anytime after a week or so.

We came out and went to other office for finger-printing. That's it.
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Well done Akmount lets have our fingers crossed for you now

maybe they have catergorized EB3 into sections that is why the dates have retrogressed leaving certain "jobs" pending longer alot of people in the forums believe that all pending cases for interview are going to receive approvals so lets see. I read in a newark forum that they were saying those who filed before Oct 1st of this year they would be the ones affected by the retrogression and it would be normal processing for the people who have been filed already. Time will tell. if approvals start to come through for applicants already interviewed and applicants getting interviews that is a good sign.
Thanks. Only valuable suggestions and hard-to-find advises from honest people of this forum help others solve difficult things.

My gut feel is that my case is EB3 category, but I couldn't understand much difference between E36 and E37. He told I have professional degree and I carry more weightage than E36 - skilled worker. I took a moment to take pride in my MSc from IIT and said myself, "what the heck - whatever works".

Also remember mine is labor substitution case with requirements US MS + 2 years of work experience. May be that made some difference. I leave it upto you folks to throw something now.

Best wishes, everyone (including me)!
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Congrats akmount.
just to inform, no welcome letter or GC for me yet.

SMT, any news from your end?
Please let me know if you hear anything from USCIS.

Any idea how much time it is going to take?

Also any idea how long they take to get the finger printing results?
akmount, finger printing results are given in 1 day maximum. I did not hear anything from USCIS yet. I called the national number today and they said that they did not receive the approved file yet, so they have no information whether my case is approved or not. I had to wait 1 hr in phone as first some representative talked with me and then transferred to immigration officer. The immigration officer said that the file did not reach vermont yet.

SMT, did you call the national number yet? or did you get any welcome letter yet?
Thanks. I didn't know that finger print results come so fast. Doesn't it go
to FBI for checking? I am just wondering how they can be so fast.

This transferring business is being too taxing for us. I wish your get the
cards soon.
akmount, FBI does the name check, it is done just once for the whole process. For that result, you need to contact david hardy. FBI takes longer time to answer email, but that process is very fast too. Finger print results are sent on the same day. There is a number for that too to call and get info that when it was cleared (it may be FBI who does that). If I get that I will let you know. If not, search the forum and call them. It is generally cleared on the same date.
Checked Finger print results

Just checked with FBI that our finger print results were done same day for me and next day for my wife and were sent back to local office. Hope they work on our approvals. Just wondering how they are going to intimate us.
Hi Pibo just wanted to check in to see if you had received your welcome notices yet? my case was approved June 20th and approval notices came through July 18th so it can take upto a month.
Hi Imawaiting, I still did not get anything from them. Also, I called the national number and they said that my file did not come back yet, so they have no info about anything, even they do not know about approval!!!

Thanks for checking.
welcome notice

guys, I got my welcome notices yesterday. Surprisingly, there were 4 notices for us (2 for each of us). It gave a EAC # for the status of approval notice. upon checking the EAC#, it said that approval notice is mailed. Now my question is that what is this approval notice? Is it the physical GC? Imawaiting, could you please answer that? Thanks.
Congratulations !!

Heartiest Congratulations !!

I don't know if approval notice is actual GC. But hey, you are done - right? So, what's the big deal. It's just a matter of time that you would get the card.

thanks akmount.

Did you hear anything about your case yet? If not, I will suggest that you go to hartford office again, go to rm 421 and ask for the officer and talk to him. Nothing may happen and you may not even be able to see the officer, but take a chance because you never know. Also, take a infopass and go to the regular immigration office in hartford and ask them about the status of the file. These are just a few suggestions!

Appreciate your suggestions!
I got automated e-mails from Case Update System last week saying they have received results of our finger prints.

I have taken infopass appointment for 18th - which is little too far from now. Can we just walk-in any morning without appointment?
I think you can do that if you have plenty of time in hand. But anything can be done to get this headache out of the head, right? :cool: Try to meet that officer who took your interview. If you know his name, you can ask for him directly. See, the main problem is that a lot of officers were from other offices and they came bacause of the huge backlog in hartford office. What I understood is, they will go back soon as the backlog is cleared. The current processing date in Hartford is aug, 2005. So, try to meet your offcer and try to get an answer from him.
Hi Pibo

Congrats finally realization can set in.. our cards arrived 2/3 days after our 2x welcome notices came... wasting paper if you ask me and postage!!!