Interview : Transferred to HARTFORD, Connecticut


I was just looking into ur posting. Few months back somebody got approved with copy of I140 at Hartford Office after the interview. You can go through the same thread..u will be able to find the details.

basically, what he said is I have only copy now. Original is with my employer and he could not give me..also u (INS) already should have a original otherwise, u wont be able to file I-485 right..requested them to look into the file..they accepted n approve. ALL THE BEST. He was also AC21 like.. Looking forward to hear good news from you on 19th Feb 2004.

few weeks back, we enqired our status at Hartford office via our attornery, to our surprise one of the Office called back attorney office and updated them, we will be having our interview some time Feb'04..we are eagerly waiting for our approval letter itself..

Once again, wish you all the best.
Our Interview is on 23 Mar 2004

We have got our interview letter from Hartford INS office. Interview Scheduled on 23 Mar 2004 at 8.40am.

The letter says, Me n My wife has to be presented with the following documents...
Marriage certificate
Joint lease or mortgauge if any
Ead Cards
3 Years of Tax returns
Employment letter and pay stubs

Apart from this it says (Any previously Issued paperwork Issued to you by the Immigration Service, Especially any Prior approval notices)..

But it doesnt says Original I-140 approval notices etc., Some of the postings they were talking about I-140 Approvals. If anyone previously attended can answer what is Previous approval Notices that would be great. Meanwhile, I will be talking the attoreny too. I think, my case transferred to Hartford INS office during Oct'2002.

We are excited about our Stamping on 23rd March 2004. Thank GOD for all the blessings.
Good Luck after a long wait..

my case was only transferred oct 03 you should ask them after they have stamped and everything approved whats the wait time for interview after transfer..
Kid for interview

Interview at Hartford office on March,2nd.
Interview letter mentioned only my and my wife's name but has 3 A numbers including my son. Interview letter also specifically mentions that children below 14 yrs are not allowed in the office. My son is Indian citizen and is 9yrs old. Do I have to take him to the interview?
RD April 2002
TD May 2003
ID March 2nd 2004

It was a long interview but do not panic as our case is probably very different than most. I came on a J-1 and my wife on a J-2 but subsequently changed to H-1. My wife is the primary sponsor now. The lady officer was very friendly but extremly thorough. She checked every single documents you can think of like all H-1 visa approvals, stamped visas on passport, marriage and birth certificates, IAP 66( J-1 visa sponsorship forms) but surprisingly nothing related to employment like W-2, tax documents, pay stubs, I-140 etc. although our case was employment based. At the end she stamped our passports and sent us for finger printing.

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Hi, folks,
My case: I140 approved 07/2002
I-485 received 08/2002
FP 10/2002
Transfer to Pittsburgh 03/2004
I applied GC based on NIW. I am still F-1 PhD student with $20000 fellowship, will graduate in July 2004.
My questions:
1. Do I need EAD when I interview? (I never apply this one)
2. If need, should I apply it based on I485 or OPT? OPT is much faster than I-485.
Thanks a lot!
ding rong
Just thought I would log into say good luck Cam for the 23rd.. and to keep the thread from sleeping
let us know what you learned and how it all went..
Thank GOD, Our case approved and stamped.

Thank GOD, Our case approved and stamped.

Hi Guys,

We went there at about 8.30am today (23 Mar 2004). They invited around 9.00am. The officer was very good, smiling and helpful. He dint ask any questions other than..did u ever arrested, got convicted etc., Our attorney gave the papers (EAD, AP, I-94, emp letter, pay stubs)...he said, everything looks great. I am stamping.

Brief details about my case:

We have applied trough company A, everything was fine, 4 months into I485, got laid off. Company A withdrawn the attorney support. We hired an attorney based in MD. They suggested, it is a good idea to inform INS regarding the job. Which we did after 6 months into I-485, after getting the job. Then we moved to CT. Updated the adrs. Everything was fine. After one year, our case got transferred to Hartford Office (Oct'2002). Then kept waiting. Last year Sep'2003 got laid off again. But this time, we dint updated the change of job. Finally, today we got interviewed. We had papers for new company along with AC21 docs..but that didnt cameup in the interview. It was staright case and got approved with the GOD's blessings.

My attorney based at MD, suggested, Your case is everything pretty straight fwd, there should not be any issue, as we are updating in time, the changes that are happening. But if you want to me more confident, we suggest you to have attorney with you. So we decided to take an attorney. He was very co-operative and He took care of everything like dropping the appointment letter, submitting the papers for INS Officer, based on his request, what he wanted etc.,

Thats all for now...we Thank you each and everyone for your support and help. All the best for everyone that are all will get approval very sooooooooooooooon. (One Suggestion, expect the positve and pray GOD and Have faith, you will get it).

They are taking about 16 months now, at Hartford, CT..when the case is transferred.

I-485 approval notice after passport is stamped

Is there anybody can tell me that should I received a I-485 approval notice via mail after my passport is stamped at hartford certer?

Below is the detail of my case:
RD FOR I485: JULY , 2002
ND FOR I485:JULY ,2002
TD: May 2003
ID and Stamping: Mar 25, 2004
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Is your case transfered in May 2003? Did you contact any Congressman/Senetor? What I heard was Hartford is taking around 16 months to schedule an interview and yours doesn't look that way.

I have a question once your case is transferred does the online message become useless or do they still update it.. with new info. ie fingerprints RFE approval.. Just curious
As per my mesg ..becomes useless..(somebody was saying it is controlled my only national centers, not the local one). In our case..we also gave fingerprints, after it was transferred..there is no change in the mesg even today..after approval and stamping.
Finally ....

My attorney got the information from hartford office, that they are going to schedule our interview very soon in response of the various inquiries sent by our attorney.

Please let us know in points (will be helpful)
What kind of documents they need, or I am suppose to have during the interview ?


1. All the marksheets in original.
2. did Kids are allowed or not ?
3. Do they asked for Tax returns (like 1040,W-2,etc) ?
4. Any document from wife's side (on expired h-4, expired ead, valid AP).
5. Any fingerprinting documents ?
7. latest I-94.
8. HAving expired and new Passport ?
9. Valid EAD.
10. All the approval notices (Labor, I-140, Trtansfer notice, H1-B approval).
11. Any personal question from wife ?
12. Current paystub and ongoing employment letter.

Camsreeni, i hope you can shade light on the the points, which i do not know of forgot to mention here.
Originally posted by rdp_2001
01 st August 2002.
Your case is also transferred to HArtford office. If yes, please share the expereince. Please inform me about the interview call too. I will do the same, if I will get it before you.
This is unbeliveble!Almost 21 months that you got transferred...did not get a interview yet???I was mad with NYC office ,I've been waiting 15 months for a interview,nothing yet!But I guess they are slow everywhere!
Hi Rdp

Based on my attorney, following are the docs, we have taken along with us. (you should have a copy also, along with original, incase they want, u can leave a copy)

1. All the marksheets and experience certificates.

2. did Kids are allowed or not ? (if they are part of ur process, I mean if they are getting GC, u can take, otherwise not allowed)

3. Do they asked for Tax returns (like 1040,W-2,etc) ?
Useful, if u keep last 3 years tax returns, ws

4. Any document from wife's side (on expired h-4, expired ead, valid AP).
All the visas for you and ur wife, since begining (even expired doent matter, if u dont have originals, copies also ok)

5. Any fingerprinting documents ? ..May not req..if u have, take them.

7. latest I-94. Yes

8. HAving expired and new Passport ? both

9. Valid EAD. Yes

10. All the approval notices (Labor, I-140, Trtansfer notice, H1-B approval). Yes

11. Any personal question from wife ? ...may not ask..

12. Current paystub and ongoing employment letter Yes

13. Drivers lisence (just for proof of adrs)

14. If u have applied for Adavance parole take them

These are the docs we have taken, if u or ur attorney suggests anything..u can take them to. Organise them in order, so that u dont have any confusion.

But at the time of interview, u have to just give them EAD, AP, Pay Stubs, Emp letter and passports that all. All other docs just keep in bag..unless asked..dont give them or dont talk anything more or less.

He just asked us, r u out of status any time? R u working for the same employer ? Have u been arrested anythime? questions like this..the defa answer was NO for them..but be careful, what he asks n respond. Then said, Ok, I will stamp ur pp's...

We also took along with attorney, it is ur choice....

All the best, Let us know good news very soon.