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Hi Folks, my I-485 online message shows it is transferred to Texas Service Center though I filled all my paper work at VSC. Is this something common transferring to different service center. I have been living in Texas about 7 years and all my EAD extension are from VSC.

On March 2, 2007, we transferred this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS to our TEXAS SERVICE CENTER location for processing and sent you a notice explaining this action. Please follow any instructions on this notice. You will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done. This case has been sent to our TEXAS SERVICE CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.
I got the same exact email this morning. 485 Case transferred from VSC to TSC. Not sure why. I have left a voicemail for my lawyer to figure out if this is just balancing workload or if there is more to it.

EB1A 140 Approved Aug 05
Using 2nd EAD/AP at present
Yeah I got the same email. But I see that our application dates are very similar. I dont know if that is the reason they are sending those to a different service centre. I applied labor in June 02 and 485 in June 03.
Same Here..,

Today got the same message that my spouse case (look at my signature) also been transfered to TSC. About three weeks ago i sent letter to Ombudsman, also my congressman contacted FBI regarding namecheck. But, i didn't get why they would transfer to TSC a case which is related to VSC.

Yeah I got the same email. But I see that our application dates are very similar. I dont know if that is the reason they are sending those to a different service centre. I applied labor in June 02 and 485 in June 03.

Your observation is correct. The NDs are in and around the same period for all of us. Interesting ..
I noticed that TSC dates are slightly ahead of VSC. So hopefully this means they are expediting the case.
Are your name checks done?

Do you know if your name checks are complete? if not VSC is transferring cases as they feel it might take some more time. If name checks are complete then it may mean that VSC is trying to spread the load.
We recd too

Count us in...both wife's and mine have been transferred to TSC..
PD : Oct 2002
RD : Oct 2003
Atleast as far as my application is concerned, everything is done. Finger prints and namecheck were done long time back, unless they have to take the finger prints again because of expiration. But the worst part is I dont have visa available because of retrogression. My guess would be, they are transferring applications that are ready to get adjucated with least problems to TSC. Again I can only guess:(
Good observation, nyte. Just spoke to my Lawyer and he said it’s common practice they would follow to balance work load. My finger prints and name check done long time back (FP in 2003 and N.check in Nov/2004)
Few months back my case was transferred from TSC to VSC. Now opposite is happenning. After transfer my case is still at VSC
strange ways at strange uscis

my case got transferred to tsc too...i received email this morning...not sure what sense to make out of it...all in all it sucks...

i am eb-3 with 485 rd in jul '03 and pd june '02...this is from my memory...have lost touch cos this process does not excite me anymore but wld still be interested in knowing views why this transfer...also i know since i am not current and stuck in retrogression i dont think anything wld happen soon....but why tsc...why??????????

wld that mean that i wld be ok to take job anywhere now and not get stuck in my jurisdiction area?????

My finger prints etc. were done many years back (probably 2004). In fact I am amazed that I have not received a second notice. Initially my EB1 was denied and then approved on appeal. In the process the 485 was also denied and then reopened many months later (they somehow) delinked the 485 from I140 so while I thought things are moving along after my EB1A approval the 485 application was just sitting there. It was only 6 months later in December 2005 they reopened my 485 application. I am current as far as PD is concerned (from India but EB1 is current).
I got the same message just now. I guess they are going to make some kind of preadjudication, if night_crawler's case, for instance, is not ready to be adjudicated. Or maybe they are just creating an illusion of tremendous efforts being done. I had my FP2 done in October, which could suggest that my name check is done, but I'm waiting for my senator to give me an answer on this one. I just hope they don't lose anything along the way.

i am wondering why did the transfer your case to TCS....you have ur PD current and the cases i read so far are only the person whose PD is not current...
Just now, I also got emails about my case being sent to TSC, my PD is current(Sep-1999) and saw a LUD on I-485 on both of our application on 02/24/07. did any one else has the same observation/pattern. I am EB3 India, I-485 ND : Arpil 2004