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I-140 CA EB-2


The automated voice message system of CA says that it takes 30 - 60 days for processing such cases - I-140 EB-2.

I am not sure which would be better at this time, CP or 485. I persoanlly think 485(AOS) is better. But my knowledge is these matters is very limited and let us see if others make any comments on the CA EB-2 issue as well as this issue.

Regards, Onlooker


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How to check out AVM?


Can someone tell me how to check out AVM about RD? I filed in on July, 30, 2002. I would like to check out when is my RD. I have INS phone nubmer. But they want me to type in application number and case number. I don't have both of them. Should I get it from lawyer for application number?



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case filed 7/30 EB2 labor sub

correction to earlier post - case was not filed 6/18. lawyer sent to wrong service center and case was returned, and refiled in CSC.

receipt date 7/30/2002
labor sub

please add to tracker


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Updated EB2 list

Sorry about to hear that, rohufish.

They're finally sending my RFE reply tomorrow. I'll do concurrent I140/485 thing.


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any update for approval

IN (Delaying),

If INS processing date is June, 05, 2002 as of Aug, 02, 2002, then your case (RD April, 29, 2002) should have been approved. Do you have update from laywer?


Thanks for the information. I will check out my case number by lawyer.


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concurrent for I-140 and I-485 can be used for Consular Processing?


I filed for Consular Processing. Can someone inform me whether it can be used as current regulation for I-140 and Consular Processing. Or it can be used when you file in the State as I-485. Thanks!


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don't think you can (if I understood you right) ...

This new law only allows to file I140 & 485 concurrently, it does not mention consular processing at all, meaning it can not be done.
If you already get your I140 approved and are doing the consular processing, then you don't have nothing to worry about, you just need to wait for your interview, unless you want to switch to 485.
But if you meant you just opted the consular processing option in your I140 petition. I think that's fine, because even in the old case you wouldn't have to go with the consular processing when your I140 gets approved. I think you can directly file your 485 now. Actually that's what I'm doing, I had opted consular processing in my I140 petition too. They just put it to give us a chance to choose which one to go with. My company attorney said that I could file I1485 now to use the new thing.


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Still waiting

I am still waiting for my I-140 approval. My RD was 4/24/02, but have not heard back from the INS. The AVM still says the same old, 30-60 days of processing...blah blah.

I can only contact INS Aug. 19, 2002 to follow up since they require us to wait a month after our date shows up on the JIT.


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Any one filed in March but still waiting?

I filed my NIW petition in Mid March but still haven't heard anything from INS. I called but they said they were behind schedule although their published processing date is in June already. I feel those processing times are just BS.


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The INS processing dates indicate that they are processing cases as of that RD. The processing of the individual cases can go up to 1-6 months on an average.
Its fustrating, but hold on you will get thru.



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got RD and ND

Got my RD: July, 31, 2002 and ND: July, 31, 2002 from laywer.

Case #: WAC-02-246-52XXX

Please updated the EB2 list. Thanks!


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Substitute Labor

Please let me know if any 1 in the list is doing this already,
Filing 140 ( Sub Labor ) with a future employer. I have seen people using Sub labor but all of them are with the employer who is processing their GC.


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it shouldn't matter ...

... I think.

Since green card is for a future employment, I guess it shouldn't matter whether you're with or out of the company, when you use substitute labor. I've applied for I140 with substitute labor. Now we're replying the requested RFE, I hope it will go through. You can check the EB2 tracking list to see who used the substitute labor.

I think the main thing is that, you should satisfy all the skills requeste in the labor cert application at the time it was filed.

I suggest you to check with an attorney again.


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Thanks malcok

Consulted attorney, no problem as far as his knowledge,
I just want to check if there is any1 on the same boat so that I can track


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Malkoc Info Please

HI Malkoc,

Could you tell me what the RFE was about (retest labor market OR company doc's etc). I am planning to apply using a substitute labor and wanted to know what kind of RFE's might i expect if i used the substitute labor.

Thank You



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consular processing or concurrent

I filed I-140 with RD July, 31, 2002. At July, 31, 2002, concurrent regulation just come out. I wonder concurrent can be applied which i can leave the company after 180 days with RD of filing I-485? If yes, it means I can leave my company 180 days after I filed I-485 later.

It takes 10 months according to my lawyer from I-140 to green card by consular processing. There is 4 months different. But i can get green card after 10 months. I may still wait for green card after 10 months by concurrent. My company is not stable. Can someone give me advice whether i should change to concurrent or stay same at consular processing?