How long between NVC letter and interview at consulate?

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    How long does it take the NVC to send the file to the embassy? I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh but would like to hear about any/all locations.

    On 15th March,2018 I got an email from NVC stating that NVC has received all the requested documentation for the immigrant visa case and the applicant is now in the queue awaiting an interview appointment overseas. In the email and in the embassy's website it was mentioned that most interviews are held within 3 months of NVC's receipt of all requested documents. It has been 4 months since NVC received all of my documents, but I still haven't got an immigrant visa interview appointment. On 6th August,2018 I contacted U.S. embassy Dhaka to know about my tentative interview date. The response I got from them was like this-

    The priority date of the case is current. However, they have not received the case from the NVC yet. The file is now in transit from the from the NVC to US embassy Dhaka. Once the interview is scheduled, NVC will send the applicant and the petitioner the appointment package. At this moment they are unable to speculate about the exact interview date and time.

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