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dharma rao

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nick 485

the cleveland state INS official told me that -as long as the spouse is here on any legal visa, 485 for AOS can be apllied for on a family based category.Many lawyers are less informed than some of the applicants- its obvious when u read from this wonderful forum created by Attny. Khanna.
attend interview with spouse.I have a feeling she shd get work permit real soon. if u can go to the state ins well before interview day they may offer more info. so that u may be well prepared for the d write u r experience.

Nick I485

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Thanks Cool-guy & Dharma ..

I had long discussion with lawyer & employeer . They are playing around and at last they you can bring spouse on H4 then we will see. I will bring the spouse first then will try to apply on my own .
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Hi, cool-guy.
You seem to be proficient with I-824.
Do you know what would happen if I-824 was filed by attorney
without providing address of my wife abroad ?
Is it a real problem that has to be fixed or it can be me
or attorney, who gets packet 3 ?
Is NVC involved in follow-to-join at all ?
Your advice would really help.


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No NVC involved

Lee I am not sure if that is a real problem or not.

To my knowledge once your 824 is approved, INS will send a direct cable message to consulate stating that your status has been adjusted to PR.

Then consulate will inform your wife and schedule an interview. In the mean time once you 824 is approved, you must file a p3 with the consulate and create a case number. Let me know how it goes.


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Suggestion ..

Please do not wait for 3 months at all .. there is no written rule at all in the INS book.
Once your wife in USA, just send the apps. to INS for adjustment before you go for Interview.
Go ahead and apply asap.
Take Care.
How to do follow-to-join for newborn?

Nice thread. Hope to get some help for my unique situation:
o Filed I-485 for spouse+self in Sep 1999.
o Went on vacation to India in Jan 2001 prior to FP.
o Found out in India that wife is having a high-risk pregnancy
  and cannot travel. The baby will have to be born in India.
o I returned to US to find FP notice in the mail.
o INS refused to reschedule wife\'s FP on medical grounds and
  advised me to do follow-to-join after I get my GC.
o Doing follow-to-join for my wife is no problem (married before 485)
  but how do I bring my newborn to this country?

To be more specific:
Do I need to sponsor my newborn under family category which could
take between 1 to 3 years or is there a faster way?

Thanks in advance.


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Family category I dont think so


I think you should follow the same procedure that you do for your spouse. It should be no diffent I think anyways consult a lawyer.



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824 approved now what

Hi All,
I am doing follow to join for my wife. My 824 got approved now what is the next step to take. Any help is greatly appreciated.

how long it take to process I824? thanks

my lawyer file I824 application to get a duplicate copy of my I797 form at NSC.
anyone have experience on that?

dharma rao

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cool guy

Now nothing is in your hands. The INS has to send a cable to the Consulate and the con will send u the p3. No identification/ tracking number to verify will be provided to you.

you will not here from INS once I 824 approval is mailed to you . The Nat visa ctr doesn\'t process the Fol to join applications.

The consulate will give you a number. There is no waiting list for this got to wait for consulate to acknowledge the receipt of the cable and file from the INS directly.

dharma rao
824 approved now what

I was told that after I824 approval your consulate in India will
be notified. They will then ask your spouse to come for an
interview. She will get GC stamped on the same day (if all goes

BTW how long did it take for your I824 to get approved?


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how long to recevie the file and cable


do u have any idea on how long it will take the cable to reach the approriate consulate.

PLease response

My situation is similar to Kusum Bhandari. I am on H1 and got my lay-off notice few days ago. My wife is a permanent resident. I am desperately in need of an EAD as I am not getting any lead for H1 employment. Can anybody tell me, if I am eligible for an EAD through my wife? Thank you all and special thanks to the moderator of this discussion.

dharma rao

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help for EAD

help for EAD

what is u r application status for PR. Have u already applied for
i- 485 or are u waiting for the CP interview (assuming i-824 has been already approved). was date of ur wedding before the stamping of u r spouse\'s i- 551. in Kusum Bandari \'s case the marriage took place before the spousal PR approval. Assuming u r case is similar what is the delay due to? Give us some details.
once u submit the AOS petition the receipt notice shd enable u to get EAD as per cleveland, ohio immigration officer\'s version when I enquired in March this year(in empl. based family petitions).
Dharma Rao

I got married last month. My wife\'s Citizenship interview had to be rescheduled as we went back home for our wedding. In a week since I got back from home, I heard about the lay-off. My wife hasn\'t filed anything for me yet as she is so close to get her citizenship interview. We heard from different sources that I could go to the local INS office with G325 and I-130 to get an EAD but not from any reliable source. All I care about for now is an EAD as I am having the hardest time finding another job with H1 sponsorship. Everybody\'s input is welcome and greatly appreciated. Please help.


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Approved I-824

My I-824 is approved in 1 month time from VSC. I enquired with Chennai embassy regarding pkt 3 forms. They asked to send the completed pkt 3 forms. But on the application form they mentioned about CASE NUMBER. Which Case Number do I use or will Chennai Embassy provide one. Thanks if someone helps on this.

A Wait

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Consulate got a cable couple months back...

My I824 got approved two months back and INS sent a cable to Chennai couple months back. This is a follow-to-join case. But Chennai Consulate tells me that they got to get in touch with INS and clarify and then issue a Case Number. Is that the case? Or Have they missed the cable and now they are just trying to get the info from INS. Please clarify.