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dharma rao

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dear kusum bandari,

 hope this will help u
a friend of mine is going thru identical situation. he said the indian consulate can help him get quicker green card issuance. however the ins shd send the file to indian consulate first then on it shd be dealt with by the indian embassy- u r at their mercy and nobody can help u from here ie., the us ins will lose control of u r immigration,

 alternatively u can go thru adjustment of status here in the usa.this as u can imagine take sometime, but i believe u will get the employment authorization as soon as u r 485 petition is received by the ins. the receipt notice will automatically entitle u to an empl. auth. card. this is done by the local ins state agency upon producing the receipt notice. post here u r findings please.
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I am working here on H1B visa and recently got married to a US citizen. I am also a canadian permanent resident. Is it possible for me to apply for green card from Canada and also continue my H1B status and continue working in US.
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Hi Dharma,
In that case, will my application be considered as a change of status or filed from outside the country. As these 2 are totally different category. One takes about 3 yrs and the other app 9 months.
I heard that once you file your application for GC, you no longer can enter US on any kind of visa.
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I am deperately in need of some help. I can not find my situation in any of the boards. I am a US citizen and moved to the UK to marry a UK citizen nearly 2 years ago. We have been married 1 year in May.I want to come back home and bring my husband with me. I have filed an I-130 in England but I do not qualify for the affadavit of support because i dont reside in the US.No hope of getting a joint sponsor. Is it true that we can move back to the US and file a I-485 right away without having to file the I-130 first? If so, do I need to cancel my I-130 here? Also because I was married in the UK do I need to get married again in the US? How long will it be before my husband gets approval to work if we do it this way? Please help, desperate to get home to my children. Sorry so lengthy
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Hi, I am a chinese. I got married this spring. My wife tried to apply H4 visa twice and was rejected. She was told that I should go back and apply H4 visa with her. Right now I am going to file I485. ( I already delayed this petition for several months due to my wife H4 visa). My lawyer told me that if I file I485 it is even harder for my wife to get H4 visa even if I keep the H-1B visa. He said that the consul can check the INS system and get my I485 application. I am not sure whether this is true. Someone told me marking NO for question 26 in form 156 (which inculde whether you file for AOS). I am not sure whether this is kind of cheat or very dangerous. Anyone knows such case will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

dharma rao

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niti gupta

since u r on h1 now in the usa u r in good shape.
u can apply for consular processing from canada or adjustment of status here. either process does not take away u r current h 1 status. try to maintain the h 1 as long as possible
the adjustment of status gets u a very quick work permit so u r off the h 1 employer\'s hook, but the green card issuance takes time.
in the consular process, find out the waiting time for canadian citizens, if its not much go thru the same
but us citizen\'s spouses get adjusted real fast i think.
hope this helps and contribute to this thread please.

dharma rao

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dear 485 quest,
Congrats on 485 stamping.
nice to have you back after a long period of silence, I agree that many who contribute
 to this forum are better informed than the ones who stamp IVs ( like they say,
 an old patient is better informed than a young doctor!)
what are u doing with your sons IV. Is he not coming here as a dependent first to
get adjusted, or are u now applying for I 824 and 864 for the dependents for
consular processing?The latter sometimes gets prolonged for no particular reason you see.
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Has anyone here gone through complete I-824 and I-826 forms approval and brought their spouses in US from homecountry.

Any answers would be appreciated.
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      I\'am currently working on a H1-B Visa.
My Employer has applied for Green Card and Recently my
I-140 has been approved and my priority date is also
current. I have opted for Counsler processing. I\'m
currently Single. I have already sent my Packet-3. I
have to go to India for the interview. I\'m planning
to Get married when I go to India for the interview. I
was just wondering can my wife also get the green card
on this Accompanying or Follow-to-join category.
Please advice me what will be steps and various
documents I should have for both Accompanying and
follow to join. Also does it matter If I get married
before or after the interview.


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I went through the whole process and was a total success. I filed my 485 in 5/1999 then I got married in 4/2000 and my husband \'s name was added and treated as follow-to-join in 5/2000. My green card was finally approved in 11/2000 while his was just approved in 6/2001. Both my case and his case didn\'t get a RFE. We are lucky and very happy though I have been waiting on my case for a long time.
Hope this helps.. you can look at my previous posting to get more of my info..


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Hi, pea,

Did your husband apply for his immigrant visa outside of the US or he was in the US and you filed a 485 for him?

Nick I485

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Dharma Rao,485Quest & Pea - Please write about the following query .

I am going to have interview in Baltimore office on 08/29/2001 . My spouse is in India right now . I am planning to bring my spouse on H4 before 08/10/2001 So that before my interview I can file I-485 for my spouse. Is it possible or not.
Is there any rule which stops spouse to file I-485 before completing 3 months in US ????

I think my company lawyer is playing around . He says befor completing 90 days we can not apply for status change(I-485) for yr spouse . The only option , lawyer is telling to proceed with CP for spouse in india itself.

I think it will save some money of employeer for tickes / medical Insurance / cost of applying ead & ap ...and so on .

Please send your comments if you can . I will appreciate a lot.



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Thats Bull shit


That 90 day stuff is just plain bull shit, you can file 485 the next day she lands here. I would really suggest you to bring your wife here and file 485 for her before your interview.