Eoir 42b visa availability for FY 2019

That’s great news I live in California so I’m going to try to get it as soon as possible
Is there a website where I can check the status for my case??
Hey everyone!
I'm new here and I read everything!

Did anyone didn't have the master hearing?
Because I will have my INDIVIDUAL hearing on september 28th in Boston.
I'm nervous! wish me lucky I will keep you guys updated!
I came illegally in 2009 when I was 16th, its been 13 years already!
Good luck on your hearing all cases are different it all depends on your moral character hopefully you win your case
Congrats!!! So the judge granted your case??... when was your individual hearing?
Congrats!!! So the judge granted your case??... when was your individual hearing?Sorry not granted but verbally on 04/15/ 2021. And judge told me keep renewing your work permit process will take one year and half I was told that so it’s being one year and 4 months now best of luck to all of you
I’m sorry about the delay of my post but you guys are really helpful and I really appreciate it that just started reading all your post I had lost this website I will keep you updated thank you
I have same situation waiting, and I don't mind to wait a little longer my problem is that my work authorization has expire (12/10/2021), I tried to get my driving license unsuccessfully, did any body get driver license without valid work authorization?
I do get my license with work permit expired
Hi everyone i just want to share something we where talking with another member of another group and make sense to me.
In 2019 judges orally granted more than 4000 cases who where gonna have to receive a grant letter on 2020 at some point or 2021 but Covid-19 start on march 2020 by then where no court proceedings in person judges working remotely or not working and didnt grant orally or by letter because the court wasn’t operating normal thats where everyone got behind schedule
Now they start grants from almost the end of 2019 thats very good news for everyone because as soon we know everyone from 2019 already have they’re grant on hand this year that means visas from next October will cover easier 2020 and some from 2021
Why im saying this? Because in 2020 where not even 4000 cases thru the immigration court because the court where closed all those month my court day was on june 2020 and they moved it to 01/15/21 so if this is correct next year will be normal process of 1.5 year of waiting
It makes since thanks that means that I have a chance my case verbally on 05/25/2021
just checked the tatus of my work permit that has expired on 04/2022 sent the money order on 02/01/22
case approved today 08/29/2022 so i should be expecting my card less than a month after almost more than six months waiting for my work permit but still waiting for my greed card
Hi, I am new to this forum and don't know much about immigration procedure
can someone help me with my questions please.
The 4000 visas FY it's nationwide or by State?
What year are they serving now?
thanks again!!
If that’s the case congratulations unfortunately there is a wait time
Most of the people on this forum are waiting since 2019
So you are looking 2 year to 3 years wait time but with a good luck may be less than 2 years so good luck to you