Eoir 42b visa availability for FY 2019


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There is none!!! Unfortunately they never publish this numbers:( . Nobody knows the back up . If there was available number at the time you in the court you would walk out with the GC :)



I send my renewal around the same time as yours. Still waiting, my work permit expired Sept 6th. and i also couldn't renewal my license. still waiting.
I just received my renewal in the mail. It was approved 15 days ago. I hope my approval comes soon. These cards do not come cheap, let alone during a pandemic. I'd hate to keep spending $$ on renewals
I just received the notification from USCIS that my card is on production!!!
Here is the time line. April 2016 master hearing
August 2018 merits/individual hearing oral decision granted
December 2019 judge send the written decision.
Feb 2020 Infopass at USCIS
March 2020 COVID happens!!!!!!!
November 2020 Thank God card being produced
Normally would’ve taken 3 weeks after the Infopass but we all know what happened


Hello guys. I have been browsing this thread for several months now, and just today decided to register and make a post.
Does anyone know if covid slowed down the 42b cancellation of removal grant procedures?
My final hearing was on february 2019. Prosecutor waived the right to appeal, the judge signed our 42b application (for me and my wife), and I was told by our lawyer that now all I got to do was wait until a new "number/available slot" pops up in order to finally go get my residence.
I went to the court in Los Angeles, but now with covid, I cant talk on the phone with anyone there (the number I get when I check my case status online). I called my lawyer and he said theres nothing he can do to get more info about my case, and just told me to keep waiting.
I know every october is when new visas become available, but if has been almost 2 years and still I only hear crickets from the court.