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DV 2022 All Selectees (Consular Processing - CP)



We have created a telegram group for those interviewing in Riyadh. If anyone from KSA wishes to join the link is below.

This group is only for DV 2022 winners interviewing at Riyadh post. Recommended language is English.


A serious question, why did KCC take Friday as a holiday?
Only Thursday was a holiday

I did not see any DR, DQ, 2NL or anything on Friday


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Hello, I have some question about the procedure that happened for last year.
When all went current in June\July, did they process the documents, the DQ email, based on embassy capacities (also per CN simultaneously)?


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What about those countries which are not affected by the travel ban....will processing document for them will also slow down??

No, sm1mom was replying no to someone saying they'll stop processing docs. She meant they'll continue the processing.

Personally, I think at least for the last quarter, they'd have to take embassy capacity in consideration for the processing. So, if an embassy has capacity and not affected by possible issues, they may dq cases ahead of the queue and schedule them accordingly. My reasoning being to minimise visas going to waste and maximise the money they make.
I don't know if my reasoning is correct or not, which is why I asked the previous question about last year's processing.