DV-2020 Ghana Selectees

Thank you but I read about o net and my job showed 7.0>8.0 ..indicating my work as disaster control officer can help...I want to be sure because my results for wassce was terrible


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should I opt for education or working experience ?my cn is 2020Af00049×××
You can’t opt for which route to be processed by. You’ll provide both your educational and work experience on your DS260 form. Seeing you completed high school, the CO will determine your eligibility based on educational qualifications.

I can’t comment on your work experience since you’ve not said anything about what you actually do, you only stated who you work for.

Your CN will definitely not become current this year, so you have plenty of time to get married in December and add your wife to your case.


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Emergency management directors was what matches our day to day function
If that's the case, and you've been doing it at least two years, it will qualify. Make sure you have thorough documentation/evidence that the job you actually do matches that job description. It can be tricky to qualify on work experience.