DV 2019 Oceania Selectees

Yeah i think most of the ones i got wrong were the imperial measurements. Felt like it was 1799 again with the feet and inches.

Should be ok though. The other thing is the left/right which I have no experience in (have never driven in a right side country)
I wonder how long it is between when your number becomes current and when you see the date for your interview
Last month it was less than a week, I think the VB came out on the 15th, which was our Saturday and I had the 2nl the following wednesday. But don't get too hopeful, all months I'm sure are different, they have until the end of the month to send them.
For those that did their medical in Brisbane how far out did you book and was it difficult to get an appointment given that it is quiet lengthy.
No issue at all, the ladies at the doctors office are awesome, I was able to schedule my interview within 2 weeks.
Hi From JimInOz, I'm new to the forum as well - and my case number is in the 800's - so it went current with the Visa Bulletin overnight :) So now Im getting more excited... But I have two questions that I have seen discussed in general terms but that i'd really love some specific answers on..

1. My wife and I have done the police checks without fingerprints - all our names are on them as required in the australian reciprocity pages. Will this be ok for the Sydney interview?

2. Our police checks were done late nov 2018 - and our interviews will be in May - and (hopefully) we will go to the states in June. What is the actual expiry of the police certificates for this process - is it 6 months or 12 months ?

Thanks.. Jim ..