DV 2019 Oceania Selectees


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Hi everyone,


I am a DV 2019 Oceania Selectee with a Case Number is in the low 400's meaning I can submit this February. Very excited by all of this! And am super thankful for this wonderful resource!

I am pursuing via AOS and this is where I'm at: (*all tasks completed within the last week)

- Submitted by DS-260 and am awaiting the 2NL from KCC.
- Sent my DV Administrative Fee and am awaiting Receipt to be returned.
- Paid for Ticket 33 Police Check and am awaiting processing and arrival.
- I have all of my necessary documentation - Birth Certificate and Educational Certificates/Degree, and am awaiting for my Vaccination Records to arrive before commencing the Medical Exam.

What have people's experiences been thus far with waiting times on the 2NL and DV Administrative Payment Receipt?

My current E-3 visa ends on May 19, 2019. I am curious what my chances of having my Interview prior to my E-3 expiring, and if my Interview is passed that expiration date, what happens then? Am I then placed on a bridging-visa where you cannot work but you are allowed to remain in the country until the process is complete?

Also I see in the AOS Package information that it's important to include the Employment Letter for my current employment but I've heard it's not necessary to include your LCA. Is this true?

Any tips and advice would be most appreciated.

I hope everyone's own applications are going well! Wishing you all a successful outcome! :)
If you’re processing AOS, you should be posting on the AOS thread and spending some time going through previous AOS threads to help you better prepare. This particular thread you’ve posted on on is for those processing CP, the information you’ll come across here will not be useful for your process - the fact that you posted about ordering your PCC clearly supports the fact that the information on this thread is not applicable to you.

Go through the AOS process threads, post subsequent AOS related questions on the 2019 thread.
@pittsandpieces , AOS applicants don’t require police certificates. Have you read the spreadsheet linked in the first post of the AOS thread to ensure you are able to present the best possible case for AOS?
Thanks SusieQQQ. I have read the Spreadsheet - it's been super helpful. I didn't think the Police Check was necessary as it wasn't specified in the Spreadsheet but was uncertain about it, so I paid for one anyway. Also now am aware I should be posting on the 2019 AOS thread. Thanks for your help. :)
Hi guys, my case number is 355 but i haven't received an email from KCC yet re an interview....
The last email i received from them was :

Dear xxx xxx:

Records indicate you have submitted a complete and valid DS-260 application for each family member, and you have provided all required documentation to the Kentucky Consular Center.

It should be coming soon i would assume.
Is there a hiccup that anyone here is aware from? Govt shutdown perhaps?


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I am the same, my number is only 50 or so higher. They may be held up with the govt shutdown?

Also what is this DV Administrative Fee? I haven't been asked to pay any fee yet.


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Just out of interest and I appreciate it is too far back to directly compare.

When I went through this process in dv-2004 I had a similar number and did my interview in December!


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I am the same, my number is only 50 or so higher. They may be held up with the govt shutdown?

Also what is this DV Administrative Fee? I haven't been asked to pay any fee yet.
DV Administrative Fee is the $330 payment you make at the embassy on the day of your interview. The payment process of that fee is different for AOSers, it is paid in advance.


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Oh right, thanks for that.

Regarding the shut down, I just read this article...

New Zealanders wanting to travel to the United States can still get visas through the embassy in this country during the partial US government shutdown, but the process could take longer than usual.

"At this time, scheduled passport and visa services in the United States and at our US embassies and consulates overseas will continue during the lapse in appropriations as the situation permits," the US State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs said on its website.
A spokeswoman at the US Embassy in Wellington said because of the partial shutdown, staffing levels at the embassy were lower, which could affect processing time. In any case, it was always better for people wanting visas to travel to the US to get their applications in sooner rather than later.
I'm sure the same applies to Australia, Fiji etc.


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@Bob22 , yes, because the fees you pay are what help keep them going. They are not totally reliant on federal disbursements, the cesssation of which to certain government departments is what has caused them to shut down. The lower staffing levels at embassies would reflect the impact of interrupted federal payments.


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My police check in NZ took about a week, but it was very easy to do.

Although it's a few months old now, the way things are going I'll need to get another one!
my case number is 355 and I havent heard anything yet as well. Susie QQQ I have checked the visa bulletin and OC is up to 450 in Feb, so interviews should be soon, but I havent heard anything as yet....