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    Thanks for the detailed reply. One thing I just want to clarify here is, in order to receive GC, "BOTH" APPLICATIONS MUST BE APPROVED BY SEP 30th? if spouse's didn't get through, primary selectee is also in trouble, even if AOS has been approved. am I right?

    2) In a worst case scenario, does the application process allows me to file AOS alone as the primary selectee and file a GC petition for spouse some time later ?
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    What should be done if I wrote down a false city of birth in the DV lottery application.
    1) For the DS-260/I-485, should I put the correct one?
    2) Is this a reason for denial?
    3) Anything I can do to correct it?

    While ignorance isn't an acceptable reason, my whole life I was told I was born in city X but it turns out it is the city we lived in and not where the hospital was located. The hospital is located right next to the city we lived in.
    Furthermore, on the passport it doesn't show city of birth and up until now I never had to show birth certificate.

    Thank you.
  3. Sm1smom

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    1. No problem for the primary applicant if they already got approved before or by Sept. 30th, they’re not in trouble, only the spouse is.

    2. Yes and yes. As long as you’re cognizant of the cost and time factor involved with sponsoring a spouse as against their getting the GC as your DV derivative.
  4. Sm1smom

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    1. Write the correct city.
    2. It shouldn’t be.
    3. The previously submitted eDV registration form cannot be modified/corrected.
  5. Tobi1

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    Thank you!!

    One of our last names uses multiple umlauts (ä, ö). On my student visas and I-20 the umlauts were written to ä->ae and ö->oe (as this is how it generally is done in the home country).
    Having lived in the US for a long time though, it got annoying to have such a long and complicated last name that for simplicity purposes as well as following others with similar names, I simply removed the umlaut dots (i.e. ä-> a). Consequently, I have multiple names on different documents. Most documents from the US use the simplest version (without umlaut) such as my driver's license and marriage certificate. My Visa documentation, I-20s and SS card on the other hand use the 'ae' and 'oe' versions.

    1) For my DS-260/I-485, which name should I use as my last name?
    2) Should I put the not used name for 1) in 'Other Names' on the DS-260/I-485.

    Most sites online suggest to use the name without umlauts, but since all my official visa documentation uses the other version I am not sure.

    Thank you.
  6. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    1. Please use your discretion on this.
    2. Yes of course.
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  8. Sm1smom

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  9. Yosef

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    Thanks mom. So this will speed up our process right ?
  10. Xarthisius

    Xarthisius Active Member

    The fact that FOs will need to conduct more interviews, instead of waiving EBx by default? No, quite the contrary...
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  11. Gill19

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    What is EBx? Can someone explain as to what has changed from how it was before?
  12. Pkchau

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    Hi Everyone,
    I am a new in this forum. Last year my wife and I filled up the DV lottery. I am not selected but my wife is selected. But there is a problem. While filing, my wife mistakenly selected that she is married to a US citizen and submitted DV application. It was her first time to fill by herself. She thought that she would go to the next page of DV application when she submitted. Has anyone been through this situations? In such situation, can you please recommend what could be the best things to do? Should we process our further steps? How can we process our application in such case?
    We strongly expect for your help.
    P.S We are in USA now.
  13. Xarthisius

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    Employment based visa. In the past AOS interviews for that category (and fiance-based visas) were often waived by USCIS.
  14. Gill19

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    Ah I see. Thank you for explaining.
  15. SusieQQQ

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    As the document says: "Updates the list of types of adjustment of status cases in which USCIS might waive the interview by removing employment-based and fiancé(e)-based adjustment cases from the list."
    iow, certain types of interviews that were often waived in the past are now all required to be interviewed.
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  16. Sm1smom

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    Wow! You have no idea of the big mess your wife’s lie has created for her and potentially you. This will be an outright denial, your wife lied! So “the best things” for you to do is to forget about this selection, save yourselves the time and money you will otherwise be throwing away if you proceed with the selection.

    Claiming US citizenship for the purpose of obtaining an immigration benefit is fraud and willful misrepresentation. This can actually impact your ability to get a new NIV or some other kind of immigration benefits in the future. Consequences of falsely claiming to be a USC are severe, it leads to being permanently barred from admission into the US.
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  17. Pkchau

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    Thank you mom. I appreciate your great advice. I will ignore this selection and wait for the next year.
  18. Jarr

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    Today I just received an update on my process where the emails say "New card is being produced" so I guess no interview for me! Finally something good after the denial from the early filling. Thank you very much everyone especially Mom for the great advice.
  19. Xarthisius

    Xarthisius Active Member

    I guess somebody at the Miami FO didn't read the memo! ;-D
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    I have an InfoPass appointment for later this week, and wanted to get some advice about the specific questions I should ask. I've read the InfoPass page on BritSimon's website, and am planning to ask them what specifically needs to happen before the interview is scheduled. But any more specific advice would be helpful.

    Here's a quick summary of my situation:
    • I had my biometrics appointment in early March, and 2.5 months later I have not yet received any interview letter
    • I have paid all of the applicable fees (DV and AOS), and have a receipt for the DV fee
    • I called the KCC today and asked if the FO had requested my file - they told me that the FO had not

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