December 2004 Concurrent filing


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GCLOVER007 said:
Could we take a head count for pending I140 who applied in Dec 04?
wanted to get an idea of how many people are left over like me whose I140 are never touched.

I am still hanging in there. When I tried to get one..they were not many entries..


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Pre-poning FP appointment?

I just received second FP notice (actually biometrics or code 2) with appointment date for 07/12. I remember reading somewhere in the posts that some people tried going before the appointment date and got it done. Is that right? Any gotchas (apart from running the risk that the application center might be too busy at that arbitrary time)?
I don't know if this in any way speeds up the process but just wanted to try ;)


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I went one week earlier for my first FP, and I got it done. But it really depend on the officer working there. At first, I was not allowed to enter the building, but just at that time, one men came out, and he said today is not very busy, so I can come in.
I'm not sure if it can speed up the process. My I140 is still pending. My second FP is on 6/17, but my daughter's is on 7/6, so I will try again to bring her with me, it means two weeks earlier for her.


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140 Approved

Got the magic email today, 140 approved.
Thanks a lot for the great and wonderful help. Wish you all get approvals as you dream.

PD 5th July 2002,EB3
RD 12/21/2004 ND 12/22/2004
EAD,AP 03/25/2005
FP 03/05/2005, 04/23/2005 (Bio)
140 06/13/2005
485 :confused:
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Mine is also in Dec2004 Concurrent Filing


I have my credentials listed here. I have recevd I-140 RFE on 17th may 2005 mostly asking the employer information and ability to pay & my W2's. My employer working on the RFE.

What is the normal response time after we send the answer for RFE?


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485 Approved

Hi All,

Just thought to we received email from uscis saying both of our 485 application got approved...

Thank you to all for good information.


PD: 10/29/2001
Labor AP: 12/8/2004
concurrent filing: 140/485 RD: 12/14/2005 & ND: 12/15/2004
AP/EAD approved: 2/23/2005
FP : 2/26/2005
140 AP: 5/10/2005
485 AP: 6/23/2005


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Ah 140 Approved.

I got an RFE for ability to pay. My company replied last week. I got a LUD update on friday and this morning I got the 140 approved.

Hope this info helps.

All excited.



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Hi All My I-140 Approved.

I got RFE ability to pay.My company replied last week and it is approved .Good luck to all.Hope you all will get approvals soon


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Chicagopains, Congratulations! Good luck with your I-485 application.

Can you also post your timeline of I-140/I-485/EAD/AP application status so others could benefit from your case.

chicagopains said:
I got RFE ability to pay.My company replied last week and it is approved .Good luck to all.Hope you all will get approvals soon


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REF : ablity to pay and original experience certificates

I had ref on I140 for ablity to pay and original experience certificates and my company sent it in and had LUD July 5th but to result yet? Could someone tell how long it takes to get result from BIG DADDY (INS)


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apporximate time for A/P and EAD

Hi there,
Whats the apporximate time taken for the approval of A/P and EAD.

Hi edealfan,
Looks like ugot EAD in a month. correct?