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All Ethiopian 2017 DV Winners Meet Here!

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by dagi magna, May 4, 2016.


    ZGREAT Well-Known Member

    Just a recommendation, try to use flyemirates,they have a very competitive and fair price, it might help you save a couple hundred dollars.
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  2. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Yes. The medicals in most countries are equivalent to a few hundred USD as well.

    ZGREAT Well-Known Member

    Yes I paid 170 $ two years ago, you can call IOM and ask them for the current price.

    FIKERWA Member

    Hi Every one, I have been randomly selected for the DV 2017 program and I am filling the form on may 28,2016 and Re-open July 27,2016 DS 260. I have got couple of questions here.

    1) I have fill in the form DS 260 about my education from Grade 10-12, Diploma and Degree.Is there addition?
    2) for the 12th certificate I should be included in the field, "The institution attended", the Ministry of education (MOE) but not the name of school I attended? is there problem? Pleas recommended?

    Thank you!
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  5. ethio2017

    ethio2017 Member

    thank u for your post . since it is specific it has been very helpful. i have question
    1.I already have my high school transcript do I need to go back and get it stamped before going to the regional bureau is that what u mean?
    2.do i need to authenticate 8th grade certificate?if so where?
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  6. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    2. Institution attended refers to the school attended, not the organization that issued the certificate.

    FIKERWA Member

    Hi every one,Hi Sm1Smom in brief
    1) I have fill in the form DS 260 education from Grade 10-12, Diploma and Degree included in the field, "The institution attended", the name of school I attended. But in addition for the 12th certificate
    ESLCE (12th) I should be included in the field, "The institution attended" National Organization for Examination? is there problem? Pleas recommended?
  8. Solome

    Solome New Member

    Hello dears,
    Congratulations to all of us for winning the dv lottery and nice to meet you here in this forum and i'm happy for sharing information and ideas over here.
    i'm also dv 2017 winner and wanted to ask some questions. while filling the dv and ds-260, i filled that i'm masters degree holder. however, i have 2 years commitment to my employer & couldn't get it to my hand unless i finish my commitment or i pay. i only have grade report of each semester and a letter written to my employer. so what do u suggest me? since i'm employee i don't have that amount to pay. i wanted to borrow some money and to pay but it's a great lose if i fail during the interview. so- i'm in dilemma whether i should borrow and pay or not. so-
    1. is that possible to use the grade report and the letter written to my employer from my institution?
    2. is there an option that the transcript can be sent to the embassy directly from the university?
    3. can i explain the case to the COs during the interview stating that if the only means i can fail is the MSc certificate, that i can bring it?
    4. what other option can i use from your exprience?
    this are the questions thanks to your reply.
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  9. salasebew

    salasebew New Member

    1. u have to go back & get stamped on back of z transcript before going to regional education bureau or then foreign minister.
    2. it helpful to get 8th grade certificate authenticate but it is not essential. If u attend school in Addis, u can authentic at Addis ababa educational bureau around 6 kilo university. it takes 30 minute and 10 bir.
  10. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    I'm totally confused. You need copies of your high school certificate, most important, and then your university transcript. Nothing from your your employer will help. Why does the university send the transcript to the embassy and not just to you then you take it in??
  11. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    You sat for an exam organized by the National Organization for Examination to obtain your ESLCE certificate - it doesn't mean you attended the institution correct, or is this a specific institution you attended for one year in order to obtain your ESCLCE certificate?
  12. Solome

    Solome New Member

    Sorry if the question was not clear. it was to mean i'm lecturer in one institution and the transcript of the masters programme is not given to me. i agreed with the university who sponsored me to serve for two years and didn't finish the commitment of two years. so unless i finish my commitment of serving two years or pay, the university will not give the diploma of MSc programme to me.
    but, while applying the dv and filling the ds-260, i included that i'm masters degree holder and i heard that every doc filled in the application should be present for the interview.
    so is that possible to bring the transcripts of high school and university BSc degree only? what if i leave the MSc transcript?
    i hope it's clear now... thanks.
  13. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Yes, it's ok, they might ask why you listed MSc (then explain why you cannot bring the diploma ) but you only need high school to qualify for DV. That and the BSc will be more than enough.
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  14. ZGREAT

    ZGREAT Well-Known Member

    Hey Solome! congrats and welcome

    Here is how I manged to pass the interview with out having a transcript, I had a letter from my univeristy stating that I have completed my education"not a transcript or a certificate" also please keep an ID copy you have used as a student, on top of that you can take your year book to show them as you have graduated with the class, in case they ask for supporting documents.

    P.s the most important document is high school certificate (notorized).
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  15. ZGREAT

    ZGREAT Well-Known Member


    Yes you need to go to your school to notarized first and the second one will be at MOFA,

    You don't need to notarized grade 8 certificate.

    Grade 10 and grade 12 transcripts and certificates need to be motorized

    Transcriptso are notarized at the school which issue them
    Certificates notorized at MOE( in front of silase church)

    Good luck! :):)

    FIKERWA Member

    The institution Name is XXXXX i attended for one year in order to obtain My ESCLCE certificate i have fill in ds 260 ? Yes i sat for an exam organized by the National Organization for Examination to obtain your ESLCE certificate - it doesn't mean i attended the institution correct
  17. Solome

    Solome New Member

    Hello ZGREAT, thank you so much to ur warm welcome and congrats... thanks again for your concern and reply. i have notorized high school certificate and a letter that states i'm graduated BSc degree from that university.
    but for my MSc programme, i only have a letter in Amharic which is written to my institution where i'm working currently that states i have completed my programme. it is not written to whom it may concern but to the specific institution. so what if i let that letter to be translated to English? is that okey & they can accept it?
    will the Ministry affair stamp for that letter ? regarding the year book i only have for my BSc degree only, for my MSc programme we had no year book since we were busy & had no connection with the committee who prepared that one.
    what if i only present the notorized high school and BSc transcripts during the interview?
    as i tried to mention it in the previous post i filled both the dv and ds-260 as i'm MSc holder. so- will it affect to the interview result not presenting the MSc certificate since i already included it in the ds-260? does it affect if they know i have a commitment (responsibility) to serve my employer for some months? actually i will pay the remaining commitment if i will be approved with the VISA.
    waiting to your response and thanks again!
  18. ZGREAT

    ZGREAT Well-Known Member

    I am confused, can you make it clear please?
  19. ZGREAT

    ZGREAT Well-Known Member

    I second what @SusieQQQ have said, your degree and high school diploma is more than enough to qualify, please have any document you have translated, it doesn't hurt to be over prepared.
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    FIKERWA Member

    According to Ethiopia Embassy

    1. You must possess one of the following as evidence of your educational qualifications

    · Proof of graduation from 12th grade (including an Ethiopian Leaving Certificate Examination, a University Entrance Exam, or a Higher Education Qualification Exam), showing at least 5 passing grades, (or)

    · Proof of graduation from a four-year university (or)

    You must submit official copies of school transcripts along with the above certificates. These requirements are determined by U.S. immigration law, and are not determined by this Embassy.

    I have filled in DS 260 forms in Educational section

    Have you attended any educational institutions at a secondary level or above? “YES”

    Highest Level of Education Completed “BA Degree”

    Number of Educational Institutions Attended “5”

    1. Name of institution is XXXXX for Degree date 01/10/2005-24/07/2009

    2. Name of institution is XXXXX for Diploma date 02/09/2002-02/10/2004

    3. Name of institution is National Organization for Examination-NOE for ESCLCE certificate date 28/06-01/09/2002

    4. Name of institution is XXXXX for Grade 11-12 date 01/10/1999-27/06/2002

    5. Name of institution is XXXXX for Grade 10 date 01/10/1998-31/08/1999

    So what does u think any suggestion?
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