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    Green Card for Parents born before 1950, and don't have birth certificate

    Dear Rajiv, I am a US citizen and applying green card for my parents in India. Both are born before 1950, do not have a birth certificate/marriage certificate and also do not have close relatives/siblings to provide an affidavit. How do I proceed in this case?
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    I-130 Father's green card - No Marriage Certificate | Please help!

    Hi, all - I am a US Citizen planning to apply Green Card for my dad (who is currently in US). I am looking to find if my dad needs a marriage certificate for application? When my parents got married in 1985, they did not have a marriage certificate. Now what are my options to prove my father is...
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    USA & Canadian marriage process

    Hi - I am new here, and I am looking for advice and guidance in marrying a Canadian and bring her to USA. Here is the plan/scenario: I am in Texas and she is in Canada. We are not yet engaged but soon (before we get engaged, I want to have a plan on how this process works so we can navigate...
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    Marriage Certificate does not have maiden name.

    Hello All, thanks a lot to everyone out there for responding and helping out as much as they can. GC for parents - the marriage certificate for my parents that we received a few months back has my mothers married name. it has no mention of her maiden name. will this be a problem. the...
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    Name change after marriage and Green Card

    Hi. It's my first time here and I've been browsing and searching for the answer on different post but couldn't seem to find one. I am an international student, F1 visa already expired but still here legally on my OPT ( 12 months working visa after college). Working at Wells Fargo now but my OPT...
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    H4 visa and US marriage certificate

    Hi, My spouse is applying for H4 visa next month in India. We realized that an original marriage certificates is required. We have original marriage license from the US while both of us were studying here nor from India. Kindly help me to get around Indian marriage certificate. 1. Will US...