Marriage Certificate does not have maiden name.


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Hello All,

thanks a lot to everyone out there for responding and helping out as much as they can. GC for parents -

the marriage certificate for my parents that we received a few months back has my mothers married name. it has no mention of her maiden name. will this be a problem. the municipal office put in all the information in their system after we provided all the documents to them. logically the certificate should have the maiden name. then do we have to provide a affidavit supporting the name change after marriage.

i do have a very old copy of an affidavit (on stamp paper) from my mother stating/declaring her name change. so if i submit the current marriage certificate along with that affidavit would it be enough.

. am so confused. i thought since the govt. officials are putting the info, thats how it shud be since everything is based upon the Adhar card these days. we did make sure to check the spellings, address, dates etc. before it was issued. any advice will be so much helpful. feeling stupid to have missed such a basic thing.

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