1. Goonerman20

    F1 vs L2 spouse Visa for masters course

    Hey everyone, hope you all are doing well! I have an admit (and i20) for a masters in science program at the University of Washington, Seattle. I am yet to start my F1 visa application process. However, my wife's company just started an L1b immigrant visa application for her movement to the...
  2. Perminder.singh

    Currently on L1B but spouse may get sponsored for R Visa/GC

    Hello, I am currently on L1B Visa to be renewed in Nov 2023 and my family on L2 dependent Visa. My spouse may get a sponsor to file for her R visa and eventually Green Card as well. My employer is also preparing to file for PERM and GC and also trying to convert my L1B visa to H1B so I don't...
  3. D

    Business / Professional Income in India while on L1B in the US

    Hi, I am moving from India to the US on L1B visa in September 2021. I have some business / professional income in India. Is it allowed to continue earning this extra income by providing professional services to Companies in India while I work on L1B in the US ? Thanks in advance!
  4. K

    Need Advice on L2 Visa

    Hello All, I have a valid L1B visa in which my i129s expires on March 2021, but my VISA stamp expires on Nov 2022 and PED is Nov 2022. i am currently in India and looking to get L2 visa for my wife so we can travel in January or February Mid. but due to routine visa cancelled unable to get a...
  5. M

    L1B to H1B - Different Employers

    Situation: I am currently in US on L1B from Employer A (petition and I-94) valid till Feb 2021 and would have another 2 years to max out (Feb 2023). My current employer is not supporting to file H1B, so I want to apply for H1B consular processing through another employer B this year, so that I...
  6. B

    L1 to H1 6 years reset?

    L1 To H1 Reset? L1B --> April 2011 to May 2014 H1B Filed --> Apirl 2015 (11 months After Departure) H1B Admission Date --> Apil 2016 into USA . Do I get 6 years on H1B or will my L1 stay is also counted towards 6 years? if you say L1 stay is counted. at the time of filing my H1B I didn't...
  7. R

    L1B (blanket), L2 visa and EAD renewal Question ?

    Please help. I want some guidance. We are not sure about the outcome or result of one situation. Can someone help ? I am on L1-B(blanket petition) visa, which is going to expire in March 31, 2018. And my wife’s L2 EAD is going to expire on March 18, 2018. We are planning to go for L1/L2 visa...
  8. S

    Re-Entry if companies L1 blanket petition going to expire

    Hi, Visa expiry : 13/Jan/2018 Blanket Expiry : 09/Jul/2017 I-94 Expiry : 29/Jul/2019 PED: 07/Jul/2017. My company's blanket is expiring on 07/Jul/19 & it's renewed couple of days back, I have situation that I have to go abroad, now my company is asking me to apply a new Visa before I enter...
  9. S

    I-140 approved on L1

    Does anyone help in knowing what options do I have once I-140 is approved while I am on L1-B (3 of 5 years as of today) and my GC still will take a long time being in queue? thanks.
  10. S

    L1B maxout period option when GC applied in parallel.

    Hi, I am Indian born Canadian citizen currently working in USA on L1B since March-2015. My L1A was rejected and then L1B was approved. I was permanent employee in Canada from July 2013 and then in USA from March 2015. My wife is on L2 -EAD and is working as an permanent employee. My Employer...