Currently on L1B but spouse may get sponsored for R Visa/GC


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I am currently on L1B Visa to be renewed in Nov 2023 and my family on L2 dependent Visa. My spouse may get a sponsor to file for her R visa and eventually Green Card as well. My employer is also preparing to file for PERM and GC and also trying to convert my L1B visa to H1B so I don't have to go out of US to renew my L1 since I have been told that it may take 8-10 years to get GC approved for Indian born persons. Me and my spouse are Indian born Canadian Nationals while my kids were born in Canada.

A couple of questions here:
Once my PERM is approved (under preparation to be filed soon), my employer will file for my and family's GC.
Is it advisable to file for my spouse R visa through the sponsor while my PERM is still in process? I have heard that getting GC on R visa is much faster compared to normal GC process through employer.
Or do I need to ask my employer to hold on to GC application in case we file through my wife's R visa status? I believe my PERM application would not be an issue, corerct?

Thank you so much.