L1B (blanket), L2 visa and EAD renewal Question ?

Please help. I want some guidance. We are not sure about the outcome or result of one situation.

Can someone help ?

I am on L1-B(blanket petition) visa, which is going to expire in March 31, 2018. And my wife’s L2 EAD is going to expire on March 18, 2018. We are planning to go for L1/L2 visa renewal in month of November 2017, if we get new L1B visa :

  1. Would my wife’s current L2 EAD still be valid till month of March, 2018 or will it be invalid after getting our visa renewed? Because as per our information, our current L1/L2 visas will be invalid after we get our new visa
  2. If our visa gets rejected, can we enter US on our current visa ?
  3. Can my wife go for L2 renewal later( not in November 2017) ?
Please feel free to give any other suggestion. Like don’t go in November 2017.

Note : Our i94 dates are same as our visa end date.