L1B maxout period option when GC applied in parallel.


I am Indian born Canadian citizen currently working in USA on L1B since March-2015. My L1A was rejected and then L1B was approved. I was permanent employee in Canada from July 2013 and then in USA from March 2015. My wife is on L2 -EAD and is working as an permanent employee.

My Employer is filing my PERM soon in few weeks/months, its in process.
I am not sure what will happen to my status after I reach max period for L1B as 5 years.
What option will I have to continue my stay in USA? Employer is not wiling to apply for H1 as its not sure that it will be picked in lottery as there were few case in company that H1 was picked for consultant from outsourced company ant filling to retry like 2-3 times if not picked-up.

I need to understand my options by Apr-2020 : since my GC will be in processes not sure if I will be able to move to TN or is there any status in GC processes that will help to get exempt from status (I have heard of I-485) but is it possible to get that by Apr-2020.
My L1A was rejected, can I still apply on EB1 category fo GC? Initially L1A was rejected as working from home was not considered Managerial role.

Can my wife's employer apply for her GC directly or does they need to apply for her H or TN first?