family based green card

  1. U

    My mother already interviewed in 2019, was called in again for fingerprints and was told her case needs inquiry

    Hi, I sponsored my mother in Pakistan for green card based on my US citizenship. She was interviewed in Aug 2019, they kept passport and asked to send a missing document that we sent, then covid delayed it. She got called in again to Islamabad in Sept 2021 for fingerprints and oath. She...
  2. S

    Family based visa - question on current processing time on CA or TX

    I have filed a family based immigration visa for my brother in 2013 May (along with his wife). Because I live in CA, I believe it will be handled in CA service center. I found that the current queue in CA service center is 2008. My brother's wife (let's say her name is Y) parents became US...
  3. T

    Do I have the right idea regarding I 864 Affidavit of Support?

    Hello everyone I'm planning to be a joint sponsor for my son. My daughter in law (USC, the sponsor/petitioner) is sponsoring my son (beneficiary) but her income wasn't enough as seen on their joint tax income return 2018. He's still waiting for his EAD. I've lived with them since October of...
  4. Jdl787

    F4 visa aged out or not

    Hi members, My uncle applied for f4 visa for my dad and the priority date is April 4th, 2007 and the i-130 was approved on March 15, 2012. When I log on to ceac I don't see my name, but my parents are listed. My DOB is August 27th, 1994 and my current age is 25. I know am above the age for...
  5. G

    Father Not on My Birth Certificate and 212(6)(C)(i)/235(b)(1)

    Hello, I am a U.S Citizen and I want to petition my father who lives in the Philippines. However, his name is not on my birth certificate due to a certain law, called The Philippine Family Code, according to my mother. To sum it up, my mother and father do not have a legitimate marriage. My...