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    Life Without Interim Ead

    EAD renewal approved This morning, I got email from uscis that my EAD renewal was approved and the card is on the way. This may be the result of infopass appointment that I had yesterday, the service officer made some kind of request to NSC based on that my EAD renewal was filed 90 days ago.
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    Life Without Interim Ead

    EAD expires soon My EAD renewal was received on April 13, still not approved yet. I took an infopass appointment in SF office today, the service officer told me that as long as you have proof of renewal for your EAD, you are ok to work from uscis point of view. However, she also mentioned...
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    I tried, the email was bounced back saying that there is no such address. Yana PD: Aug 02, 2001 458 RD: July 12, 2006
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    I-140 Approvals after transfer from CSC to TSC

    140 approved PD: 08/02/01, EB3 140: RD 02/23/06 LUD 03/21/06 - Transferred to TSC 140 AD: 04/21/06 485: need to file
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    Dallas Backlog Elimination Center Tracking

    jdlabnala and csrini1, Thanks for the Congrats! Here are some info about your questions. I did not ask for any screen shot and did not know how to do it. The attorney informed me that they sent reply to the 45 days letter the same day he received it. According to my attorney, DOL allows...
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    DOL encouraging to convert TR to RIR @ BEC???

    Yes, the date is Aug 03, 2001. My PD was Aug 02, 2001 and my attorney requested conversion before the case was sent to BEC. Got 45 day letter on Dec 23 and replied right away. I received the certifed letter today saying that my case was certified on Jan 03, 2006.
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    Dallas Backlog Elimination Center Tracking

    Labor certified Got a letter from Dallas BEC, my labor got certified, good news for the holiday and good news for everyone of us who has been waiting for sooo long! PD: Aug 02, 2001 RIR from CA but employer remanded mid of 2003 45 letter received and replied around Dec 24, 2005 Certified...
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    DOL encouraging to convert TR to RIR @ BEC???

    The correct date is "on or before August 3, 2001".
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    Non RIR Discussion Only !

    45 day letter PD: August 2001 from CA remanded back to state as regular: June 2003 45 day letter received: December 23, 2005 letter replied: December 23, 2005
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    LC filed in CA with PD between May 2001 and Oct 2001.

    --- Case Filed in CA --- PD - - August 2001 RD - (DOL SF) - Oct 2002 Remanded to State - June 2003 45-DL - Recd - 12/23/05 from Dallas BEC 45-DL - Replied - 12/23/05
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    Get H1B visa stamp outside U.S. for H4 transfer to H1?

    Used to have H1B, currently on H4, got job offer and want to do a H4 to H1B transfer. Heard that I may get approved for the H1B, but also maybe asked to leave U.S. to get H1B visa stamp in my homecountry, what is the possibility that might happen? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    California DOL (Regional) Tracking

    Hi arajaa, Congratulation for you! Could you let us know if your job retest ads was the same as the position requirements in your Labor application? Were you able to modify it to raise the requirement level? Many of us had very generic requirements in our Labor application. Thanks in...
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    RIR to non-RIR conversions Thread...

    There are two ways to convert RIR to non-RIR: 1. Remand to SESA by DOL regional to process as non-RIR, in the path, the disadvantage is that you can not tailor the job requirements based on your own skill set, it needs to be the same as your original requirement; advantage is that you will keep...
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    California DOL (Regional) Tracking

    Just want to add one more point: After the ads is run for 1 day, the employer should give at least 2 weeks for the applicants to responds. Then conduct necessary recuiting process based on the resumes received.
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    SESA Approved

    chags Congratulations! Are you IT releted? Is your case filed as RIR? Thanks,