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    Is it OK for PRs to purchase and consume marijuana in Colorado now?

    Marijuana use is still a federal crime, although the federal government most likely won't prosecute casual smokers. However, they may still have you on the hook if you answer "No" to the "have you ever committed a crime for which you were not arrested?" question. Then again, it's not a crime in...
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    Missing w2

    It's nothing like an arrest. It's just a traffic ticket. However, the USCIS specifically asks to provide documentation relating to traffic tickets in excess of $500. All you have to do is supply proof of payment.
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    Has anyone not mentioned a traffic ticket on their N-400, causing the IO to deny ur case?

    Here's my personal experience:
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    Traffic tickets and naturalization (threads merged)

    So the USCIS' statement indicates that the AOs should not be asking for dispositions/receipts for traffic violations, as they only explicitly refer to arrests/convictions for crimes. Seems like even the agency itself doesn't have a standardized procedure in place, when it comes to traffic tickets.
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    Documents needed for Naturalization

    Do you have an unusual/excessive pattern of international travel? It seems that they want to verify your travel dates.
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    Documents needed for Naturalization

    Neither document is required at the naturalization interview.
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    My 22 year journey comes to a close

    Yes. That's what happens when I type too fast!
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    My 22 year journey comes to a close

    There are also many Americans who think that anyone who's not a citizen is an illegal immigrant. When I received my citizenship, a few of my acquaintances congratulated me on finally becoming "legal", to which I responded that I was legal since the day I came here and explained to them about the...
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    Failed to signup for selective service

    This is not an issue at all.
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    Could you please ask following question during your interview and post answer here

    To be on the safe side, I brought records of whatever tickets I could locate to the interview, just in case I was specifically asked about them. The IO asked "Have you ever been arrested?", to which I truthfully answered "No" and he moved on. At the oath ceremony, the IO who was conducting it...
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    Could you please ask following question during your interview and post answer here

    This question has been asked by many people. Some IOs say yes, others say no, and some even get upset if you disclose it, as they consider it a waste of time. I had a few minor traffic tickets that I didn't disclose. The IO who interviewed me only wanted to know if I've been arrested. During the...
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    Failed to signup for selective service

    It can't hurt. However, when you attend the interview, the IO will know that you're over 31 and failure to register for Selective Service won't be an issue.
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    Failed to signup for selective service

    You're over 31 years of age, which makes the Selective Service issue moot. It's outside of the statutory period.
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    Help on Citizenship Case

    This is abnormal, as it usually takes 24-48 hours for your FP results to be forwarded to the USCIS. I would contact the fingerprinting division of the FBI to find out what happened. When I was undergoing the naturalization process, the number was 304-625-2000. Try calling it during regular...
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    Need to complete Defensive Driving for citizenship?

    Were you required to take a defensive driving course as part of the fine, or did the IO instruct you to take the defensive driving course on her own accord?