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  • Hi Vorpal!

    Im new in this forun and I have been reading many of your posts, I see you know a lot about inmigration process : ) I would really like to know your opinion:

    I had mi interview in Philladelphia. I passed the english and history test but the IO told me that a decision cannot yet be made about my application and gave me a N652.... the IO also told me they send me a letter asking for some more documents. My interview was on April 6th and still waiting for such letter. Do you think it can delay my process? I hope you might give me any advises, Im really concern and desapointed with my interview. Thanks.
    I am actively communicating with nyc_newbie via private messages. His appeal is currently in its final stages. Do you mind providing a bit more info about your case? You can PM me if you want.
    I am new here, and have followed some threads relating to nyc_newbie's n-400 case. I have a case which is very similar to his. Do you know what happened of his appeal? I am worried. Thanks in advance.
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