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    Apply for Citizenship.

    Block me and I'll be back here again.
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    Apply for Citizenship.

    Which is exactly why I said, future correspondence will be ignored.
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    Request for advice: renewing passport while oath pending

    Indian passport renewal can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks, but under the tatkal scheme you could get an indian pp within 3 days..of course it costs extra...about 175
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    Apply for Citizenship.

    bahh.. you're a waste of time. one word replies are usually posted by 5th graders. i hope you're an adult... i really hope that. otherwise you have no hope for n-400.. peace !!! future msgs will be ignored. get your 25 posts posted elsewhere. Your English skills remind me of a 5th grader. Figure...
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    Apply for Citizenship.

    ok... and you couldn't post that in a month. what do you plan to do with your n-400.. other than your excitement... do you have any questions or concerns
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    Apply for Citizenship.

    Read your post and tell me why? You're not asking a question. You're not informing anyone what you plan to do with your N400. If it's not a spam or a useless message then what is it!
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    OCI and Surrender certificate joint application for Family

    I'll keep it short. 1 check is fine. And try to do an order form for OCI, it will eventually ask you if you'd like to do SC at the same time. Nothing wrong in filling out an order form. if you make mistake on one, you can submit as many as you want. Peace!
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    N-400 Good Moral Character (GMC) Questions

    And I thought N400MD wasn't as obsessed with Traffic Tickets on N-400 as Kasper. Oh well...
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    Apply for citizenship 90 days before 5 year anniversary?

    One can't apply for citizenship anytime sooner than 90 days period time frame. It's the same nationwide. When you apply for citizenship, make sure you do the 90 day thing, not 3 month earlier because some months have 31 days and some have 30.
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    damaged certificate

    I said hard copy, not original. Hard copy: A hard copy is a printed copy of information. Original: It's self-explanatory. Even a 5 year old wouldn't need the definition for this. An original NC is not valid without the USCIS stamp on it. How would an individual explain the originality of a...
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    Student Loan Default and Naturalization

    Credit score doesn't matter to USCIS. You won't get rejected over a student loan whether it's subsidized or unsubsidized or defaulted.
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    damaged certificate

    Other than a US passport and a Naturalization Certificate, there's no other proof of your US citizenship. Yes, USCIS can verify the information, but you need to provide a hard copy too. This is why, it's always the best to apply for a US PP once you acquire the citizenship.
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    OCI - Houston Tracker

    Babu ji, As I mentioned yesterday. Birth Certificate and School certificate/passport are different things. If you don't have a BC, then you need to provide two witnesses in an Indian Court and get the paperwork from the magistrate that states that you were never issued a BC. You may need to...
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    OCI - Houston Tracker

    Most recent timing should be 2 months. 6 months is for those who applied through the consulate itself. A passport is not accepted as a valid birth certificate. Those 2 are completely different things.