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    RFE in Aug/Sep Tracker

    USCIS morons !!! It looks like they themselves dont know what they are doing. They changed the process so many times to improve the baclog processing but to absolutely no avail. Why dont they just sit down tight, think through the whole process and then come out with a solution that REALLY...
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    LUD keeps changing after RFE response.

    THats great news for you...u should see approval soon!!
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    RFE in Aug/Sep Tracker

    I-485 ND: July 2002 Name check done: Jan 2003 FP2: May 2004 RFE issued: 03 Aug 2004 RFE received by NSC: 20 Aug 2004 LUD: 25 Aug 2004 (happened for 3 days 8/23, 8/24, 8/25 ) Still waiting
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    LUD changes stoped

    Unfortunately - NO Guarantee.. My LUD stopped 8/25 , I am still awaiting green letter.... :eek:
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    NS_IL, Congrats!! Did you track yr LUD changes? If so sis the LUD change & then stop.. Dit it change just before approval? pl let us know
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    NSC processing

    I agree with Peace-of-mind 100%
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    namecheck long waiters - old timers

    THank You Sahin! Sahin, thanks you so much for posting this. It really helps clear things more for all us waiters when "approved" folks provide such insightful info. I really wish more approved folks could give some of their time in resolving many of these scary rumours.
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    How long does it take your attorney to respond to EVL RFE?

    THis recent trend has unfortunately become "old". I my self am in this situation and I have seen many others in this situation where more than 1 week has passed and still no approval even after RFE recd :mad:
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    RFE replied..Waiting for approval

    livahd/whygc, Mine is the same message too. I hope I also can comfort myself with the same hope.
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    RFE replied..Waiting for approval

    Congrats Livahd !! Please give details of your LUD change. thanks in advance
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    RFE replied..Waiting for approval

    Thanks.. I think I will. Any idea which is better - online or snail mail application for I-765?? BTW, as expected my LUD has stopped changing as of 8/25. Man... at leat I seem to be able to predict the so far unpredictable behaviour of USCIS .. :rolleyes:
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    RFE replied..Waiting for approval

    No one agrees ... ?????????????
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    RFE replied..Waiting for approval

    Cocktail & others who are in same situation - Are u due for an EAD ????? I am in similar situation and I am definitely due for my 3rd EAD. However I did not apply yet thinking I will get approval I replied to RFE (possibly EVL, proof of status - lawyer recd RFE not me) . RFE was recd on...
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    Tracking for July RD/ND

    Congrats!! NJ-boy Did u see yr LUD change ??
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    RFE replied..Waiting for approval

    This is surprising!! I just saw in some recent post that When LUD changed it always concluded in approval before LUD change stopped. In one case, the person was expecting the LUD change to happen over several days but he received approval on the very 2nd day of LUD change.... Strange !! Cosmo...