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    Approved! 3+ years wait...

    A long wait comes to an end for self+spouse, abso-effing-lutely thrilled! Got emails this evening. lud changed changed this afternoon with approval notice. Labor took a v.long while, benefitted from the auto-remand resolution in CS DOL. 140-485 semi-concurrent went much quicker. Best of luck...
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    TRACKING for LUD 10/27/04

    me too Name----------- I485 RD------- I140 RD------EB1/2/3--------Status __________________________________________________ _________ waiting_may_2002--05/13/02-------------------EB3 ----------Pending dima66a----------11/16/02-----AD-01/03-------EB2-----------Pending...
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    I140 Undeliverable - Approval Received - Any impact for the rest of the process?

    You are right to be worried I cant understand how poj is stating that its ok - they cant even find your 485 - thats no good unless your lawyer/you screwed up the case references. in your AP application. Have your lawyer respond to the rfe and ensure that you get the AP approved - that'll at...
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    140/485 Approved via pilot proam at CSC

    nandpc - what you said seems to be true based on the approvals I have seen thru the pilot. However, do we know this for a fact or is it a surmise?
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    140/485 Approved via pilot proam at CSC

    Bhai, apun ko to lagrela hai ki pilot peeke crashing kar diya... :eek:
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    2004 Semi-Conc'nt Filers: CSC/EB-2

    140 RD: 3/18/04 485 RD: 6/27/04 FP Notice: 7/25/04 EAD/AP approved: 8/6/04 485 Resume msg: 8/12/04 Semi-Conc'nt - you think this thread can re-created under the 485/concurrent filing folder - it might be more relevant there... Looking at most of the pilot program approvals, it looks...
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    Likely CP Candidates for October 2003 @Mumbai Consulate - To Do List

    6yr H1 expiry - Can I do CP? My 6 year H1 will expire in March '05. I am filing my 140 in the next couple of weeks. If I file 140 for CP - I will get a 1 year extension when my 140 is pending. But once my 140 is approved (and am waiting the few months till the CP takes place) will I get another...
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    San Francisco Regional DOL Tracker - Old (Archived on 09/23/2004)

    Hey serg38, how did you contact EDD? Is there a number? My case was remanded to state in June 2003, and no change in status...
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    140 + 485 Concurrent filing issues

    Guys, what are the issues in cases like this - where the consulting company is in one location (say TX) and the filing is from TX and the person is working for client in NY. I am in a similar situation. Is there any rule that states where the LC/140/485 should be applied from? Any links on this...