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    H1 portability

    If your visa stamp in passport is still valid, you don't need to get a new stamp. However, you need to be aware that you did unauthorized work when you joined B. H1 portability that allows ones to start working at new employers as soon as H1 gets filed works only if you were on H1 status. You...
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    H1B - L1B 6 year rule question

    The time spent on H1 and L1 combined cannot exceed 6 years unless you are under certain circumstance. Answering the original question, your status will end in 2011.
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    A quick question on eligibility for DV

    OK, just want to clarify. The entrant won't get disqualified by simply puting yes on vocational school check box, correct ? And once they got picked, they have an opportunity to explain their work experience at the interview or on some form and DOS decides whether the work experience...
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    A quick question on eligibility for DV

    Out of curiosity.. I have seen "vocational school" is one of the choices on DV form, but I also saw some statement saying that vocational school is not acceptable. This statement is all over the internet if you search on google, but none of them is from State Department , but they are from...
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    Conversion of Cap-exempt H1B (University) to Cap subjected H1B?

    It's a new H1 petition which needs to be counted against quota.
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    EAD extension by employer

    EAD is your application, not employer's. Your employer cannot do anything with your EAD. You can extend it even though your spouse disagrees unless your spouse takes you out of his application.
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    Making concurrent H1 my primary

    At least your employer has to file new LCA with new employment conditions if working hour gets changed to go for primary.
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    Can I add my wife to my 485?

    Since a derivative follows the PD of a primary, she cannot file I-485 till your PD becomes current. If she was married to you upon your I-485 approval and didn't file her I-485 yet, she can do follow-to-join
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    Conversion of Cap-exempt H1B (University) to Cap subjected H1B?

    It depends on whether your employer filed H1 with change of status. Assuming your employer filed H1 with change of status, both H1 petitions(cap exempt and subject) needs to be approved in your case.
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    Conversion of Cap-exempt H1B (University) to Cap subjected H1B?

    You shouldn't have problem to apply for new H1 while your other H1 extension is pending,however, you cannot work for the private company til Oct 1. This is a typical bridging case, so the risk is if (cap exempt) H1 petition currently being pending gets denied, your H1 filed by the private...
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    H1B - does it require salary of $60,000?

    When H1 dependent employers apply for H-1B, they need to fullfil some requirement. $60000 and master degree make them exempt from following the requirement set by USCIS. if you need to know what falls in H1 dependent employer, search it on google. It all depends on the size of your company...
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    H1B - does it require salary of $60,000?

    Probably you are talking about H1 dependent employers.
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    Should we file I-131 for my spouse while waiting for her Greencard processing?

    As for "emergency travel", people travel in and out of the US with AP for whatever reason that they want to travel for. So, forget what the instruction says. What the bold letters says is if you want to enter the US with H1 stamp, you must have a valid H1 stamp. If you don't have valid H1...
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    how long before you can work after filing?

    If that was H1 transfer, start date can be the day that USCIS received the petition. If that was not H1 transfer, you can't work til H1 gets approved. no one can tell how long it will take H1 to be approved. Could be 2 weeks, could be a month, could be longer.