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  • HI
    Can you please share the lawyer details in Tokyo for H1B? I need it urgent.
    Please help. Pls mail me on kishansudeep@gmail.com
    I mistakenly entered twice in dv lottery2015 by uploading my photo on someone's else application!
    So am i eligible to apply for dv lottery2016? Or am i permanently banned from entering the lottery?

    Looking forward to your reply



    I entered US with L2 in Sep 2004. Obtained EAD on L2 in March 2005 and started working. In 2007 Employer applied for H1B and my status changed from L2 to H1B visa. Now, my question is would the L2 time period be counted for my H1B time limit of 6 yrs.

    I have read that L2 and H4 does not count for L1 or H1 visas. But I am not sure if the same rule applies for cross visas (L2 to H1) and also even if L2 holders works.

    Your response would be of great help as I have very limited time frame in this situation.

    Hi Sir,

    Need a little help.
    My VISA got expired and I 797 extended, same as for my wife H4 VISA , but she has to go for stamping, will she face any problem. My H1 is not re stamp.
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