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    What happens to legal Status like F1 once you are an asylee?

    You do need to update things like your social security card as it will now be unrestricted. Get a new one, and of course you can also get a job elsewhere (but you might have to wait for the card). You can also get a full state ID or driving licence once you have your clean social security card.
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    I got my US Citizenship now i plan to move back to my home country

    Lots of information online:
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    Travel back to my homeland

    Next time you really must insist that they check with someone, or ask for a supervisor. Airline staff sometimes don't know stuff :)
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    Return to USA using Green card and Re-Entry permit

    Yes, before it expires if they haven't been back to the US since the RP was issued.
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    Conflict between re-entry permit expiration date and last date of 1 year exit from the US

    Given the current political climate, I suggest you enter before the permit expires.
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    travel on non us passport while waiting for US passport to be processed

    Your child is a US citizen, so technically a US passport is needed (at least to re-enter, because when leaving, there is no passport control). If you intend to travel on the foreign passport and use the I-551 stamp to re-enter, it remains a fact that the child, a US citizen, cannot be denied...
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    Denaturalization after travelling to home country

    Yes of course, but do you want to deal with the hassle of an attempt at denaturalisation?
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    Re-issue of OCI Card once you cross 50 and have new US passport

    Sounds like it is. It's even more unlikely to be questioned if you're over 50 and don't get an OCI reissue, because your appearance will not have deviated much from, say, just before you turned 50. For kids, it's much more of an issue, and even they face no hurdles.
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    Green card renewal minor over 14 years

    It's not a big issue. 2f is not wrong, and they're not going to penalise you.
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    My Travel Experience - RTD no Green Card

    Isn't AP in the form of a piece of paper, or an endorsement on an EAD? Countries won't accept that, I don't think. I think you need either the RTD, or RP, in lieu of a passport. The RP is valid for two years, but yes, requires visas for most countries. Why, I have no idea, but the RTD is a more...
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    documents you need to enter or leave the USA

    If you need an excuse to use your passport, CBP officers always tell ex-asylees/refugees to use their passport after they get a green card. If you're not afraid to use your passport (like, you don't expect your govenment to find and render you, in a manner that would end up slightly better for...
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    Continuous residence & studying abroad(where I was from before getting green card)

    Yes I filed taxes. Very easy as income was very low in the summers. I should mention that I never stayed out for more than 6 months at a time, meaning I came back for ALL holiday periods and stayed as long as I could. Documentation wise, I showed immigration stamps, boarding pass stubs, taxes...
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    Continuous residence & studying abroad(where I was from before getting green card)

    If you can wait, you should. It'd be less hassle. I managed to get citizenship after studying abroad (and I had 907 days outside!), but I had to sue them in the end so I don't know if they would have denied me. The interviewer was generally dour, so I was pessimistic, but I pushed through. It...
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    Travelling on US passport as Dual National and passport about to expire

    The airline might not allow you to board, unless they are very clear that NICOP allows entry to Pakistan as a dual national. If I were you, I would do an expedited renewal at a passport agency (IN PERSON!). In general, this is cutting it EXTREMELY close with passport validity. A six month...
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    Re-issue of OCI Card once you cross 50 and have new US passport

    AFAIK, most ignore this requirement and are fine. It's up to you, but it seems they don't bother enforcing it.