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    Impact to derivative beneficiary due to death of Prncipal Beneficiary living in India - I 130 Petition

    US Citizen living in Chicago filed I 130 petition for her sister (principal beneficiary), sister's husband (Derivative beneficiary) and their child daughter (derivative beneficiary)15 years back. Principal Beneficiary passed away in year 2016. USCIS has not been informed about her death till...
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    URGENT - Green Card to be Revoked

    That is a half part of story. IOs do not let him know that they know that he lies. During one borderline trip all of sudden that fellow will get a jolt from IO that his days are counted and will be given a "Final notice" if he will still keep on doing the same for a long time.
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    URGENT - Green Card to be Revoked

    And irony is that people having greencard do not want live here and who lives here do not get the green card :D
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    Can I lose my green card if i become a PR of another counrty?

    How can you assume that they are considering you under "Ordinary People". Terrorist's passport also does not have a stamp that " I am terrorist".:)
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    Different Choice - not to take US citizenship - After Greencard

    Gurus, What if somedoy decides not to apply and take US citizenship after having Greencard? Is it possible for permanent resident card holder to keep on renewing the green card and work on that but not to apply for US Citizenship? Other than government jobs for which citizenship is must...
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    Does it ever end?

    It's like marriage.:)The day you decide to marry your problems start and ends when you get cremated.. And if one goes through the pain then can understand the value of citizenship of the country where that person was born which s/he decided to let go. :p
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    Job loss....Change of employer...Please help!!

    If you may get the "Position's requirements at the time of hiring" in addition to What Ginnu suggested for AC21 usage letter, that would be good. I got an RFE for that. My lawyer have me another similar letter with addition of "Position's requirements at the time of hiring - minimum Bachelor's...
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    AC21- Case I-485 Approved.......

    Do not use AC21 withouthaving the proof of I-140 approval. It is very risky and delay prone process. Wait till I-140 approval
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    Soft LUD on I-485

    So far I have got 5 soft LUDS after FP.
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    H1 Visa stamping experience- Canada

    Yes, may be. I am going to cancel the appointment tomorrow as they did not approve my expedite request with context to this new rule and my fu**** up plan...:)
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    H1 Visa stamping experience- Canada

    That is very old post - posted in jUly 2006. She may not be around here.
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    H1 Visa stamping experience- Canada

    Wait period to pick up the passport in clear case including appointment day = 4 BUSINESS days.