What documents required for 7th year extension?

Discussion in 'H-1 6 Years Expiring' started by Akash Sharma, Jul 25, 2003.

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    CSC takes about 4 weeks

    CSC send receipt notice with in 4 weeks time as soon as the fees are realized at VSC.

    If you do not get your receipt after 4 weeks you must contact your attorney immediately.

    Application sent to CSC (11th year H1B extn not a premimum ) through VSC on 01/29/2007, receipt received on 2/15/2007. FYI


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    Hi Friends,
    Its very interesting that you all work togather to get solution.

    I have typical issue:

    My 6yr H1b expires on Aug. 2007.
    My labor is approved on Feb, 2006.
    My I-140 is applied on July, 2007.
    I got RFE on I-140. I am worried that my I-140 will be denied.

    I want to apply for H1B 7th year. extension with premium process
    I reply to RFE.

    (I have all requred docs. including paystubs)

    thank you for your interest & time.

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    I-140 sent in....can I extend my H1B?

    Forgive me if this question has been answered numerous times before.

    My H1B expires July 30, 2007.

    I have DOL approval for PERM.

    We are mailing I-140 and Premium Processing tomorrow.

    Assuming I-140 gets approved in fifteen days, can I then submit I-485 and then I-129 to extend my H1B?
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    7th year extension

    I'm in 8th yr of extension till April 2008. My labor petition received RFE (due Delaware issue) and my employer is almost giving up.

    If I switch my employer now and file labor in PERM and get it approved, say, in 2 months, ca I go for 9th year extension with new employer based on pending I140? Please help.
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    is it possible to get a 1 yr extension if Labor is approved and green card is pending?

    what if green card is denied? is it still possible to get an extension? (what if I apply for another green card? is it still possible to get an extension?)

    H1b and dependent H4 will expire sept30 2009

    to reiterate
    1. if I-140 (labor) is already approved, is it still possible to get an extension after the 6th year?
    2. What if I-485 (green card if im not mistaken) was initially denied but and appeal pending, is it possible to get and extension past the 6th year?
    *the denial said that one may not appeal in the denial, but the our lawyer said we can... a lil sketchy*
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    If possible it is good to wait until 365 days before applying for the extension. You will get it approved from the day of the original H1B expiring.

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