What documents required for 7th year extension?

Discussion in 'H-1 6 Years Expiring' started by Akash Sharma, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. yxd0018

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    how did you get LC approved in just 2 month?

    hi waitingonLC,
    could you tell me how you got LC approved in just 2 month?


  2. helpjune4

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    labor letter

    Did you get you letter yet? I'm been waiting for 3 months already and no words from BEC.
  3. cinni

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    Do we need a letter from BRC

    I am planning to apply for my 7th year extension. My 6th expires Nov 1st 2005. I have a copy of the LC that has the priority date of Nov 13 2000 on it. I got that copy when they sent us a query. Is that copy sufficient or do we need a letter from BRC stating that Labor is pending for more than 365 days. Any help is appriciated.
  4. outofthebox

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    I had sent just the letter received from DOL when I filed for Labor and was able to get the extension done with any problems. Any thing that proves that your labor is pending for more than 365 days will do. I don't think you need a letter from BRC.
  5. GC_anmona

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    7th year extension for approved LC with PD 1yr old

    Ginnu and other GURUs, PLEASE HELP.

    I have approved LC, PD 10/22/05. I-140/I485 concurrently just filed (2/06).

    GETTING LAID now.....

    Can I use the PD on the approved LC from Company A, to have 7th yr extension with company B?

  6. tpal

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    when to file for 7th yr H1b extension

    Kindly let me know when to file My 7th year H1b extension??
    Filed labor on march 17 2006 and H1b Expiry is June 29 2007
    1).At the time of filing extension it should be 365 days complete for the time one has filed for Labor(i.e. I should file for extension only after march 17 2007)
    2) H1b Expiry should be 365 days after labor is filed(i.e. in my case it is more than 365 days)
    3)How soon an extension for 7th year can be filed??
    4)Can we expedite 7th year extension if so what are the fees ??
    Appreciate your response!
    Many Thanks
  7. arouncoumar

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    If its an H1 extension request (same employer), 6 months before is the earliest i.e Dec 29, 2006. Not necessary that at the time of filing, 365 days needs to be passed. On June 30, if you satisfy its all good.

    If its an H1 transfer (different employer), anytime from now when you move to a new company. You ask for rest of the time in 6th yr + 7 th yr.
  8. tpal

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    Can we do expediate in H1b extension?

    Many Thanks for your reply arouncoumar!

    Due you have any idea regarding new fees(If there is any changes) for H1b extension .Can we expediate H1b extension(I know it was additional 1000$) for expediate for filing H1b .Can we do expediate in H1b extension also??

    Again many thanks!!
    Appreciate your response

  9. arouncoumar

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    Yes, you can pay for premium processing and get it done.
  10. Lekhika

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    This is in response to posts about www.H4Help.org

    1) The personal questions are asked to build a valid case to advocate against the limitations of these dependent visas. If you just have arbitrary data, it is hard to prove a case. Also, no information on the survey is mandatory expect a valid email id so that one can be contacted if a specific case is needed to be represented etc...

    2) About helping each other finding job, it is not illegal. We are not suggesting anyone hold an illegal jobs. Spouses of H4B work for companies who sponsor H1Bs. So, if they have any opening and are willing to sponsor for H1B they can let others know about the openings through the forums... and even help submit the resumes personally etc. This way finding a job for H4Bs, which is in most cases is really difficult, would be that much more easier.

    3) This is a non profit site, run by a handful of people, which hopes that concerned people (H4Bs, F2 etc and their spouses H1Bs, F1 etc) take a lead in using the tools on the site and help themselves and others like them to improve their situation...

    4) We hope to build a community for current and future dependent visa holders, one place where they can go and get all the information and support they need. We need people to get involved. Please spare some of your time and help us take this site further. Take part in discussions... Write to us at feedback@H4Help.org for any suggestions to make the site more useful. We are also working hard, for free, to put more substance in the site...

    Thanks for those who came and visited us and also to those who reffered us to their spouse and friends. Please be patient with us, we are a new site. It will take time to make it an active community... For that we also need participation from people like you!
  11. sd605

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    H1B Expires... Need Help

    My H1B visa is about to expire in June 2007 and I have not done anything about filing an extension. Is it too late? Problem is, my job said they would file for me, or assist me in my GC process but there was a money issue. So if they now decide they will file, is it too late? What options do I have available to me at this point in time. Would I have to return to my country?

    Lastly, how long after the visa expires am I allowed to stay in the country? I am in the porcess of completing my MBA and I may not be finished by June 2007. So is there any way to stay until after completion of my MBA? Or would I then have to change my status back to a F1?

    Thanks. :)
  12. keeping.hope

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    Time it takes for H1B 7th year extension


    My H1B 6th year is expiring in December 06 and I want to find out how long does it take for the approval of H1B 7th year extension applied through a regular process (non-premium) ?

    Does the same rule of premium processing apply for 7th year extension also ? In other words, can I expect to get the 7th year extension in 15 days if it is applied through premium processing ?

    Thanking everybody in advance.
  13. tmd08

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    Sample letter from petitioner

    Does anybody have a sample letter from the petitioner that they can share which could be used to file for the extension.

    Also when Filing Form 1-539 for my spouse what should be the Application Type
    It has following options.
    a An extension of stay in current status
    b A change of status
    c Other

  14. damroo

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    H1b Fee?

    Can somebody please guide me how much will be USCIS fee for 7th year extension.I am with this company from last 5 years.This will be my second extension with this company. Do i need to pay $ 500 $500 "fraud prevention fee" ..
  15. ssahai

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    H1-B extension by new employert


    My situation is that

    My 7th Year extension expire in Jan 2007
    My LC filed on Nov 2004
    I have 45 day letter for LC applied on Nov 2004

    Quesiton: -
    Can I join new employer and can new employer file for 8th year extension based on 45 days letter?

    Thanks for all help.
  16. tinks

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    In deep trouble need help!!! - H1 extenstion labor rejected

    My Labor was filed in regular RIR on March 22 2005. I got 7th year extenstion based on 365 days of filling of labor. After getting the extenstion I filled to convert the labor to PERM. My Perm case is now rejected and my 7th year is expiring on June 2007. Can I get a 8th year extention?
    If I file for a fresh Labor and do a preminum processing of I140 is it possible to file for an extention?

    Please reply if you have the information.
  17. adshah4

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    H1 extension - Need help from you gurus out there!

    Need help from you gurus out there!

    My 6 year 'H visa' term expires in May 2007. LC & I140 alredy approved. I485 not filed due to retrogression.

    My wife's 6 year 'H visa' term (H4+H1) expires in Dec 2007. She is currently on a separate H1. GC process not initiated.

    When I apply for my 3 year extension, can my wife also file an H1 to H4 transfer petition and get a 3 year term on H4? If that is a possiblity can she later sqitch to an H1 during that 3 year term.
  18. jibyjm

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    H1 Reset rule help

    I've been on H1B for about 4 years now and my employer is about to file my I140. Meanwhile I am also planning to enter an MBA program this fall (2007) and do not mind starting the GC process again after my MBA. My question is - will my H1B be reset by my conversion from H1B to F1 or will I have to take the 1 year break by going to my home country after the completion of the remaining 2 years or less?

    The other option I have is to wait for the completion of the GC process; which I am hoping would be complete by next Fall (2008); what would your personal recommendation be? Since, I am over the average age limit for MBA programs, I would like to this Fall if possible.

    I would really appreciate any help from you in this regard.
  19. gc_cis_error

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    I filed my 7th year extension to CSC on January 9, 2007. As of today, I haven't received any notice from the CSC. How long does it normally take for the CSC to send receipt? Should I start worrying?

    Thanks in advance!
  20. jwdkhan

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    My 8th year extention was submitted to the California Service center on 11/27/2006 and I have not recieved my approval as yet. Looking at processing times, they are currently (as of today 2/28/2007) processing 12/21/2006 submissions. I was a bit concerned so I have written to my attorney to check. Yours will take a few more weeks I would assume since they have not started working on Januray 07 applications as of yet.


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