Was your TN to GC process succesfully completed?

Actually, a GC would only be awarded to for a permanent position (employee) of a firm, never to a contractor. Once you have a GC, and as long as you and the employer/sponsor are fulfilled the terms of your GC sponsorship for the requisite time, you can do (or not do) what you wish, including being a contractor.
But GC-sponsorship is employment-based, if that is clearer.

A self sponsored EB1 GC can be awarded to a contractor.
Only an EB1-EA can self-petition, and is considered neither an employee nor a contractor, since they by definition have no sponsor however. So, I guess it would be more correct to say that they can be awarded a GC without an employment offer, not that they would be awarded a GC for being a contractor. The other EB1 classes (EB1-OR, and EB1-C) require an offer of permanent employment.
I commute from Windsor to Detroit (live in Windsor). Is it still possible to apply for GC or must you be living in the USA to qualify?
There is, it is called a commuter GC, but its value is limited. It's all the work with no more benefit than a TN. Usaull for people who already have a GC, but wish to live in Canada and work in US without fear of losing their GC.

Search other forums on this site for commuter GC.
Looks like my GC case is finally moving after I filed a WOM lawsuit. After my lawyer had a chat with their lawyer (AUSA), I got an RFE for re-doing the medical exams. Will keep you posted. And after getting the GC, I will provide details about the timeline of my case and all the things and steps I went through so others who are in a similar situation can learn from my case.
Finally the long journey is over! I received my GC today in mail. Like CuriousGeorge once said: I am no longer curious, I AM APPROOOOOVED!!
Here is the timeline of my GC journey (not my entire US journey back in the 90s or 2004-2014 timeframe):

April 2014: My new employer immediately started the PERM process as soon as I joined them on TN.
July 2015: PERM got approved with no audit (the only thing I got lucky with in my GC process).
Aug 2015: I-140 was filed premium and got approved.
Sep 2015: I-485 was filed.

The pain starts:

· 4/6/16: Filed the 1st SR
· 4/7/16: SR response: in line to be reviewed by IO, contact in 60 days
· 6/6/16: 2nd SR filed
· 6/7/16: The same response as in the first SR.
· Some time end of June before the first congressional inquiry’s result, I had an InfoPass session. The IO seemed clueless and even told me my background check was finished. He probably meant fingerprinting results that come back within days. He told me that my file was shelved due to backlog. This was while tons of EB I-485 applications on or around my receipt dates were being adjudicated.
· 6/28/16: Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema’s 1st inquiry resulted in: case is under background check. Congresswoman’s office also mentioned they cannot do anything about expediting EB applications.
· 7/31/16: Response to first Ombudsman inquiry: priority dates have retrogressed.
· 8/1/16: Priority dates retrogressed for all EB-2 until new fiscal year (10/1/16).
· 8/2/16: 2nd congressional inquiry resulted in: case still under background review process, contact in 90 days; also they would continue the background check even when the PD is not current.
· 11/3/16: 3rd congressional inquiry resulted in: still under extended review process.
· 12/2/16: 2nd Ombudsman inquiry resulted in: no specific time frame can be provided for my case (grounds for WOM).
· 1/5/17: 3rd SR filed
· 1/20/17: SR response: USCIS has to perform additional reviews
· 2/27/17: 4th congressional inquiry resulted in: my case is still not ready for decision and still under additional review process, contact in 90 days.
· 2/27/17: Ombudsman’s office also initiated their 3rd inquiry. No results yet!
· 3/31/17: WOM complaint filed by my lawyer.
· 4/18/17: Judge ordered: "ORDER that motions pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 12(b) are discouraged if the defect can be cured by filing an amended pleading. The parties must meet and confer prior to the filing of such motions to determine whether it can be avoided. ORDERED that Plaintiff serve a copy of this Order upon Defendants and file a notice of service."
· 4/20/17: Summons submitted by my lawyer to all defendants.
· 6/13/17: Summons re-submitted by my lawyer to all defendants plus AUSA. (Still don't know why the lawyer had to re-submit)
· 7/3/17: USCIS issued RFE to re-do the medical exam that had expired.
· 8/1/17: USCIS transferred my I-485 from NSC to NBC. (probably wanted to schedule an interview; I told my lawyer to give them only a 30 day extension to do whatever interview they want to do or else we go to court hearings)
· 8/11/17: AUSA told my lawyer USCIS is trying to adjudicate the case before the court deadline of 8/18/17.
· 8/14/17: USCIS transferred my case once again back to NSC.
· 8/16/17: Case was approved.
· 8/17/17: Lawyer says he's got a copy of approval from AUSA and wants to jointly dismiss the lawsuit.
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Hello Everyone.Just a simple question..

I am from India. Moved to Canada and got Canadian Citizenship..

Now I am planning to move to the USA on TN visa..

My question is can I apply for green card through TN visa OR will it it be risky as am Indian born?
Thanks for sharing your time line OttawaSenators. Your case seemed to take 2 years from filing of PERM. But i think your case is not typical since your lawyer had to file WOM complaint. Are there any other recent examples of TN to Green Card, though marriage or through employment.
Hi I am waiting for my interview. My wife and me got in to argument and little we started push each other and she called the cops on me. And I arrested for domestic violence. Later charges were dropped. I just want to know before the aos interview what I can expect at the interview about the case. What kind of impact shows on my interview. Means it should be plus or minus to my case.
When my initial appearance at the court the judge called the immigration and informed them possible fraud marriage. When I’m out on bond. The next day I went to courthouse to see my public defender. She wasn’t there and I came out from the courthouse ICE officer stopped me and asked for passport then he started asking questions about the case and after he started asking details about my relationship and details about my wife he wrote everything what I said and he told me the consequences if the charges weren’t dropped and left. Should I worry
Please anyone help me so I can be prepared for the interview

Thank you so much
Please anyone help me so I can be prepared for the interview

Thank you so much
It's best to be honest and upfront at the interview. No one here on the forum knows what happened between your wife and you, nor the circumstances of your marriage. If USCIS suspects a fraudulent marriage, they're likely to have reasoning behind their suspicions. Your lawyer, and the truth.. are your best resources!

Mods this thread's been hijacked, topic belongs in it's own thread.
Mods this thread's been hijacked, topic belongs in it's own thread.

So why reward the hijacker with your advice?
TN to Green Card Application thru EB-2 NIW or EB1

I am looking for a lawyer who can help me apply to Green Card (EB-2 NIW or EB1), directly from TN.
Can anyone suggest a good immigration lawyer who would do Green Card application directly from TN thru EB-2 NIW or EB-1?

I am a Canadian, but born in Bangladesh.

Thanks in advance!