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Yikes! Do they actually make you prove Canadian ties? I've spent the last several years living in the US (went to school here), so my only Canadian ties are a bank account and my friends/family :S
No they do not. TN is not a tourist status. You are allowed to live in US on TN, and can be in any other status before beginning TN.
Thanks! I thought that about F1 too but still got grilled a couple times at YYZ. Since I've already lived here over 5 years for school and OPT, I hope they don't think it's suspicious or something that I want to stay longer.

I started this thread but i think should DELETE it, not because of the comments.

NONE of the above ALLLLLLLL questions were asked to me today.

Officer: Which category you are applying? Ans-Sci Tec/Techno
Officer: What is your edu qualification? MS in Const. Management
Officer: Give me your paperwork. ANS-THis are originals and I have the complete set here photocopied with original TN letter.
Officer: K, give me original.
Officer: After 3 mins.--OK give me the other set and take this originals. Did you make your passport page copy and attach with application.
Officer: OK don worry I will make it. (he came back after copy my passport)
Officer: Sir put your 4 fingers and please give me $56.0
I: Put R Hand 4 fingers, gave $56.
Officer: stamped I-94 and gave my passport back. asked my driver license to put my home address. Thank you sir you can go now.

IN: 1:53pm
OUT: 2:11pm

NO QUESTIONS asked not even job title, company name, project, etc. After i got my passport, I saw him asking about TD for my family. He said go and get them now I will process there TD also, come with marriage cert. longform birth certs for kids. He was very very nice and the most easy CBP officer seen in my 18 years of immigration dealing in US/CAN.

none of the above QUE works ONLY strong application. keep the TN cover letter very very simple- BULLET points. He just read my TN cover letter.

TN VISA granted for three years
It is mentioned here that the officer asked the driver's license to look at the address. I don't have a valid driver's license from Canada. Do I need to apply for one and wait for it to arrive before applying for TN status? Or is there any other document that I can provide? Or do I need to provide a document for my address at all?


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carry something with your address onit. It was merely convenient for the officer, rather than have obe dictate their address.


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Let me clarify:
I have US state driver license it was easy n fastest way for officer to enter my address in the system.
you can carry any sort of address proof, bank statement should be fine.


it seems my thread has helped others also.