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    Wannabe Immigrant
    I485 Receipt SLW 03 XXXXX
    A# 00000000
    1 Main Lane
    Anycity SS 00000

    BCIS- summa service center
    PO Box xxxx
    SomeTown XX 11000

    Dear Sir,

    Re: Application of Advance Parole- I485 pending

    I have applied to adjust my status from Useless Visa to permanent resident per application SLW 03 XXXXX with you. While this application is pending your approval, I have to undertake travel to DaCountry in order to
    (write one)
    -visit my elderly parents
    -attend a family function
    -take care of my property in smalltimetown, DaCountry

    during anymonth anyyear.

    I have enclosed the following documents
    1. My I485 Receipt notice copy
    2. Personal check for $ XXX
    3. 2 Photos with I485 receipt number and A# written in back
    4. I131 duly filled

    Kindly approve my advance parole.

    Your Truly

    Wannabe Immigrant
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    does this sample letter serve as cover letter? and with this sample letter, do I still need to, on a separate sheet, explain how I qualify for an advanced parol and what circumstance warrant issuance of advanced parol, as required by Part 7 of the application form I131? and if yes, what should I say?

  3. jaxen

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    bump down

    bump down
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    I-140 Should be sent to INS for I-131

    You should send copy of I-140 when you file I-131 for any Dependant cases.
  5. al_paso

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    Is that true?

    Is that true? :confused: while we are at it we might as well send copy of LC as well ? just kidddin..:)

    I did not see copy of I-140 (or receipt) being asked on the I-131 form anywhere.
    senior members pl. reply ...
  6. Husha

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    If I apply for AP renewal online on, do I still need to send this sample letter with the photographs that I am required to mail to USCIS in support of my application?
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    I got a lot of useful information from here. Thanks a lot and keep updating the things.
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