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Dear Rajiv,
I have a few queries regarding my potential move to USA and request your help with them.

I'm a resident of India and am working for a US based MNC for the past five years. I have been offered an intracompany transfer to USA on L1 visa. Unfortunately, my mother is taking treatment for Stage 4 cancer in India. As treatment options are limited for this condition in India (there are no clinical trails available), I'm planning to get treatment for my mother in US. In this regard I have a few questions:
1. Is there any option for my mother to get insurance coverage through Affordable Care Act. (She probably need to apply for B1/2 visa. In such a scenario, can she apply for insurance under Affordable Care Act. Or can she apply for any other type of visa to be eligible for Affordable Care Act).
2. Is there a way my organization can cover her as a dependent through my employment medical insurance.
3. Does this situation influence visa issuance probability (both for her and me).
4. My father and sister would also want to travel to take care of her. Will there be any problems for their visas.
Appreciate your inputs.

Rajiv S. Khanna

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Hello Rajiv Sir,
I earned the master degree (MBA in IT) from the US in 2009 then I was on H1b in 2009 for 3 months but it didn't go well because my employer got out of business. I worked on OPT of Trivalley for around 8 months. In between I filed H1b again in 2011 and it was approved but I asked to go to home country for the stamping and it got delayed. After 1 year, it got reaffirmed but I don't want to come back.
One of my Client offered direct employment and filed H1b and I am in the US since 2 months.

I would like to know following information regarding green card filing,
1. Am I eligible to initiate the Green card filing process through my employer?
2. How much is the cost involved in this process? I think there are 3 stages to go through so if you can give an idea of the cost of each stage? (There are 2 dependents, Husband and a daughter (2 Years old).
3. What will be the attorney (your) fee? Not sure if it is stage wise or installments so please describe.
4. What is the timeline of each stage completion?
5. Will there be any problems because of Trivalley?

Thank You.
Deepa ji, our fees and expenses are on this page. I will answer the rest in conference.
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