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Good evening Rajiv Sir,

My query is specific for EB-1 petition process. I am a postdoctoral fellow in US investigatin DNA-damage and -repair of environmental carcinogens in human cells. Recently, I have received invitations to chair specific sessions / sections of two separate international conferences scheduled in Europe and China respectively. I would be grateful, if you can provide your inputs regarding value-addition (if at all any) brought in by these invited leadership positions (chair, co-chair etc.) in a EB-1 petition.

Best regards to you and your staff,



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"A query from our community member"

Dear Mr. Khanna,

This is in continuation to my question on the Oct 6 conference call:
1. I have a medical issue which inhibits my capacity to work effectively. I saw many doctors, exhausted all my medical leaves undergoing different allopathy treatments but made little progress. Now I want to try alternate treatments and I plan to go to my home country for these. How can I do that?
2. What should I do, before leaving the US and also while in my home country, to keep my H1B-status alive until I return to the US and resume work?
3. What all documentation is needed for visa stamping and at port of entry considering this situation? Can there be a time gap between visa stamping
and port of entry?
4. What additional documentation needs to be completed before leaving? Anything on the income tax or health insurance side?
Would you be able to help me with this situation.


Rajiv S. Khanna

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Sorry, we don't practice in the political asylum area.


I have a concern about US citizen traveling abroad. Follow the story:

Mr Jagan Teddy, Indian citizen, was granted the asylum status in the US as he has some threat with his relatives back home in India. He has adjusted his status to Lawful permanent resident. Today, Jagan Teddy is a US Citizen through Naturalization and has a US passport.

Here are the questions:

1- Can Mr Jagan Teddy, with a US passport, travel back to India as a simple visitor ? .
a)If Yes, what Jagan Teddy have to do before leaving the US ?

2 -Jagan Teddy's Travel to India ,is it going to be be suspicious to US immigration.

3- What steps needs to be taken if Jagan Teddy sees a need to travel to India for a short while.

4- Can such frequent visits to india raise concern to US immigration.

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