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Dear All, I have a question regarding TN issue date and the actual work start date (they are actually different by a week or so). I changed from F2 to TN. Currently in the US, but still waiting for the security clearance to go through. My start date is tentative depending on getting TN (which is done) and security clearance (on going). Is it OK to be waiting for the job onboarding and in the meantime being physically present in the US? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
Update: Seems like things are getting delayed with my job because of Federal Shutdown (as this is a federal consulting job).


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This is fine. You have the TN which allows you to be in US, and you still have the active relationship with your sponsor. If something would go south in this and they pulled the plug, then you would need to leave, but otherwise, you start when they say you start.
Hi all,
I am still waiting for things to move. My onboarding/paperwork are done. But have not started the actual work because of the shutdown. I do get emails/upates from the HR about the status every week. Things seem to go nowhere. I am absolutely worried about being on TN and not working. If the shutdown continues into next month, I am considering moving back to F2. I am also actively looking for other jobs. If I want to move back to F2, will there be any concerns that I did not work on TN (for obvious reasons beyond anyone's control)? Any thoughts or feedback will be greatly appreciated!