Never Registered for Selective Service

So, I didn't fill up my application my sister did a couple of months ago, she didn't tell me that I had to register for selective service, so the date for my interview was set and I went and passed the test and told the officer that I didn't know I had to sing up for that, my application was put on hold and he gave me the case number and told me to mail him Proof Of Selective Service Registration now the problem is he set a due date on the paper for FEB 05 and from what I've seen it takes at least two to three month for that to be deliver, any advice?

* I tried online registration but it did not let me. I send the form two weeks ago.


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How did it go? Found out about this selective service just days ago when trying to fill out the naturalization form, my husband did not register at the time, like many others, he had no idea and he was 25 when we moved here.


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Ah, I thought you had to register until and including the age of 26, but I just saw you have to register between 18 and 25 years of age.
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