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NA3 Status to getting Green Card

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by Hershal, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Hershal

    Hershal Active Member

    If you have an A # in the passport then it should be fine. I was the opposite. We had the I-181 with the A #. However the stamp in the passport did not have it. When I went to USCIS and told them the situation they updated the passport and put the number in there. Not that it really mattered in the end. I was unable to get my son a SSN until I had the green card as they did not recognise the I-181. Bureaucracy!!!

    If you have a SSN then I would say your in the system some place, so just take what you have to the interview and you should be fine. The place I went to in Houston was wonderful. It was not busy and nothing like the SSA. I was there for an hour or so though, but that was at the counter talking to the agent.

    Just make sure you take some passport photos too, as this seemeed to be the biggest issue they were worried about. "How will we get a photo on his green card they kept saying" I kept telling them, "Here I have 8 photos, take them all, its the same photo of his passport so you can use that"
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  2. Hershal

    Hershal Active Member

    It really is not that hard. You may have some issues with the airline not understanding the situation. My wife was in Amsterdam flying to the USA when she got asked the question regarding the visa. The woman at the counter ended up just getting her Supervisor and then it was all sorted. Its not really a common thing so they will probably ask for more information.

    All we had was the following pdf from the US Government

    (This is not the official website, but its an official document, someone may be able to direct you, or you can do a Google search and find it on the official government website)

    Maybe call the airline in advance and tell them the situation, they probably have heard of it before.
  3. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe New Member

    So, I went there yesterday and as you said, they did find the information in the system without any hassle. Just wonder how these office folks have information at their fingertips wherein the call center guys had no clue about the record!! Anyways, they didn't create any 'packet' for us. She said, it is better if we just raise a I-90 online. I quoted your example as 'similar experiences of a friend', but lady out there thought the actual process is the I-90 route. She was saying that we will get a notice for bio-metrics, which I know we shouldn't have ideally. Anyways, I was pretty much relieved to know that the record is there with the correct details and status. I raised an I-90 online and waiting for couple of months more. If I don't get any response, I'm going back in couple of months.
  4. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe New Member

    Start your conversation with 'Visa on arrival' which seems to be a term which all the airline staff seem to understand. We contacted the US consulate in our country and they forwarded a letter which they previously distributed to the carriers regarding NA3 child travel. We carried the print outs of email conversation with US consulate and the following pages (Relevant sections and cover page in case of large PDFs). Please note, we didn't have to show any of the documents below except for the link 1.


    We also had a contact with the airline who confirmed the requirements before our travel.

    You have to ensure that you are carrying the following:
    1. Parents' GC (Original)
    2. Passports of parents and the kid
    3. Birth certificate of the kid in English or with translation (attested)
    4. Passport size photographs meeting the criteria​

    In short, this is not yet a very common path to get the GC. So, you can expect lot of questions at check-in, connection flight boarding etc. - at least be ready. If you don't get questions, consider yourself lucky. But so far I am yet to hear any stories of anyone prevented from getting onboard in my searches so far.

    Note: Request for a copy of I-181 once the GC is processed at the PoE. Also, ensure the temporary I-551 stamp in the passport with A# and correct expiry date.
  5. Shanavas

    Shanavas New Member

    @Hershal: Good to hear your child plastic GC is recd. Thank you for posting.

    @Jane Doe : Apologies for late reply....I am yet to get the plastic card. USCIS staff informed that it takes 4-6 months to get the plastic card. I still have to wait few more months before this time pass. The timeline of Hershal's child looks in line.

    Thank you.
  6. Metti

    Metti New Member

    Hi my friends,
    We are a green card holder and our baby was born outside the USA. Our baby's green card process was initiated in first entry in DFW and the baby got the stay permit till June 2017 with NA3 class. We had to leave the U.S. before the baby's physical green card be mailed.

    The officer told us his green cart will be mailed by USCIS ASAP, but after 2 months, it is not done yet and so we are so worry about that.
    1. We recently found that we must pay the USCIS Immigrant Visa Fee for our Baby too, but we don't have his Department of State (DOS) Case ID to create account and do it. In his I-94 form, it is mentioned only Alien Registration Number (A-Number) and Admission Number. Is it necessary to pay it or not?
    2. How can we get DOS number?
    3. Is the mentioned visa/stamp in the passport enough to allow the baby to come back to US while the green card is not available yet?
    Thanks for your kind support, we are so worry so please help us.

  7. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe New Member

    @Metti : Please see my inline reply
    1. We recently found that we must pay the USCIS Immigrant Visa Fee for our Baby too, but we don't have his Department of State (DOS) Case ID to create account and do it. In his I-94 form, it is mentioned only Alien Registration Number (A-Number) and Admission Number. Is it necessary to pay it or not?
      • Your understanding is incorrect. You don't have to pay the Immigrant Visa Fee. This has been confirmed multiple times by various agencies already. So, no need to get the DOS number also. I know you will find cased on various forums wherein they were asked to pay. But as you can see in this thread itself as in case of @Hershal , there is no need to pay any fee.
    2. How can we get DOS number?
      • I think you can call them up and get the DoS number using your A#. But as I said previously, it is not needed.
    3. Is the mentioned visa/stamp in the passport enough to allow the baby to come back to US while the green card is not available yet?
    • Yes, stamped I551 is as good as plastic card.
    In case if your address is changed before you receive your plastic card, you are expected to notify them by either calling them up or using their online form. Since they ask for some case ID to address change and if you are not able to proceed, then I would suggest to go to the nearest USCIS office and sort it out.

    Again, I'm replying based on my best knowledge and belief. When I went to USCIS after 4 months, I was asked to submit an I90 form and my daughters biographic appointment was also scheduled based on that. They took the photo and it has been one month since and I am yet to receive the card. Looks like they are taking way too much time to process things these days compared against two years back. A friend of mine in similar situation got their card within one month of their entry to the country. So, if it is of any solace, please be aware that you are not alone in the boat.

    @Shanavas : Hi there! Did you get your kid's plastic GC?
  8. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe New Member

    Update: It has been almost two months since our biometric appointment and still no plastic GC yet.

    @Shanavas : Did you manage to get it?
  9. Hershal

    Hershal Active Member

    Hi All,

    @Jane Doe

    Sorry for the late response. I totally been off the grid for a few months.

    We were also told I would need to fill in an I-90 form originally. Then a supervisor came and he explained that no you don't need to. The baby does not need bio-metrics or to pay a fee. There is no DOS # attached to their case as he already has an Alien # . He ended up just putting all the information together and took the passport photos. A month later the GC arrived. When the wife and I left we both said to each other how we were sceptical that it was going to go through, considering the clerk we spoke to really had no idea. If it wasn't for the Supervisor and his knowledge I think we would of been in the same position of trying to fill in the I-90 form.

    I am hoping you have had success and that it is all sorted. Its such a relief once you receive your child's green card in the mail.

  10. Hershal

    Hershal Active Member


    Its such a hassle trying to convince all the different agencies you need a DOS #. I ' think you will be able to get one, and you actually don't need one at all.
  11. lucky person

    lucky person Member

    hi dears I need an information I came 2 months old child to US with you visa and at POE CBP put I-551 stamp on his passport, but When I go to SSN office they refused insted they said go to immigration office first and as I called them they cannot give an accurate information even he has no -DOS and A number- so what shall I do please help me I need to return buck to former place and stay there for some period of time but I should at least process his green card, but ....I cannot please give some information
  12. vishnus

    vishnus New Member

    Hershal et al., I have gone through your posts and it is very helpful. We are in the same boat, we brought our 2 months old baby from India on December 22nd, 2016 and got an NA3 status. In addition, they retained the original birth certificate of my baby. When I asked it back, the officer told they need it. Is there anyone having the same experience? If so, will we able to get it back? We have scheduled an infopass appointment for last week of february.
  13. Sam80

    Sam80 New Member

    Lucky Person - Did you get your issue resolved. I am in the same boat as your are. Our baby got the I551 stamp but CBP did not provide A#. SS office wont issue SSN without A#.
    I went to USCIS after taking an appointment and they said they cant find anything about the baby in their system. Not sure what to do.
  14. mdoweir

    mdoweir New Member

    hey guys

    I'm a LPR and my wife as well since Sep. 7, 2016

    I've baby who was born outside the U.S. On Aug. 27, 2017 we filled in I-181 upon arrival to DFW airport and stamped NA3 as well as the passport. we stayed in Dallas for a week and then go back to EGYPT as I've some pending issues to finalize before we move finally to the U.S.

    Till now we didn't receive the green card for the baby on the mailing address we put in I-181. I really started to worry because the baby passport wasn't stamped I-551, so I don't know if I can get her back in the U.S. with NA3 stamp on passport and I-181 before I receive the green card or what !!!

    I really appreciate if someone can guide me what to do in such case
  15. mdoweir

    mdoweir New Member

    any help here !!!
  16. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    I don’t know specifics of this but in the absence of anyone else with more informed info: if you’re in Egypt now I suggest you call the Cairo embassy and they will tell you if you’ll be ok, or if they need to issue her some document to allow her to enter.
  17. SSNW

    SSNW New Member

    Hi All,
    I have read the entire thread with great passion. Well, Guys here is mine

    My Son was admitted on POE DFW on Oct 9th 2017. The office assigned him an ALIEN number. After two months I called USCIS toll free to get an update about the GC. They told the ALIEN number I have is NOT correct, However the agent can find my son's record on the system using his name and DOB but with different Alien number and definitely they don't want to communicate it over the phone.

    I tried to tackle CBP office in IRVING they told me goto USCIS local office in Dallas, and I am struggling to find an appointment for this office since two weeks ago. ...

    Suffering :(
  18. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    Yup, you need to go on an infopass. Why Dallas though? Is that where you’re based?

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