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NA3 Status to getting Green Card

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by Hershal, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Hershal

    Hershal Active Member

    Hi all.

    It has been a while since posting on these forums. Since our move to the US in January we have been very busy settling in and getting everything sorted. Loving it so far.

    I am hoping that some one can give me some information regarding the Green Card for my Child.

    My wife and I activated our Green Cards in March 2015 and had them sent to Australia. After that we had our son. When we arrived in Dallas in January 2016, my wife and I had our young 5 month old son with us.

    When he entered the country he was given NA3 Status. Which allows him to be permanent resident because he is under 2 years of age. Now I just want to know how to go ahead and get him a Green Card.

    I have called USCIS and they have told me that he needs a DOS # which I don't have, I only have an Alien number for him.

    They told me to call DOS, and DOS tells me that they only deal with visas, and that he is already in the country legally and has an I-551 stamp in his passport he doesn't need a visa. Which I guess is true.

    USCIS tell me i need both the Alien # (Which I have) and the DOS# (Which I don't have, and can't seem to get from the Department of State) so I can pay the immigration fee and then get the green card issued.

    I have booked an appointment with USCIS for a few weeks, but I am hoping there is some information from you guys here in the mean time to help me out.

    Thanks for all your help
  2. newacct

    newacct Well-Known Member

    DOS has nothing to with it. It's CBP admitted him as a permanent resident and a green card is supposed to be automatically produced for him. But this is kind of too soon to worry about it; green cards are routinely taking several months to be produced.
  3. Hershal

    Hershal Active Member

    Well its been 3 months now since we arrived and nothing. So I was just starting to worry. On top of that every time I ring USCIS I get put on hold and then transferred and then transferred back. No one seems to be able to give me a straight forward answer. Some say I have to pay the $165 immigration fee to ELIS, some say I don't. They transfer me to ELIS to make the payment and they tell me, you don't have a DOS # so you cant make a payment so they transfer me back to USCIS. Every time I tell them I have a filled out I-181 form for when my son entered the country and also he has an I-1551 stamp in his passport they get confused. They keep telling me to check the Visa in his passport and get the DOS #. Which we don't have.

    Looks like it will be easier to just go to USCIS next week and explain the situation. They don't get it. hahah
  4. Shanavas

    Shanavas New Member

    Hi Hershal,

    I just got the A# for my new born aboard, from POE at DFW on 11th April 2016. Appreciate you advice on next course of action.

  5. Hershal

    Hershal Active Member

    Hi There

    I have an appointment with USCIS tomorrow at 2pm so I will let you know how it goes. Did you get any more information at DFW when you arrived? Did they tell you that you had to pay the immigration fee or anything?

    All we did was put an address down and that was it. It was an address of our real estate agent, and since then we have moved in to our own house so we are hoping we can change the address. I have been in contact with out Agent and they know to expect it maybe in the mail. the lack of information is kind of annoying to be honest.
  6. Shanavas

    Shanavas New Member

    Hi Hershal,

    At the airport CBP officer give me A# for the baby and wrote LPR on the admitted stamp. There is No I551 stamp. I asked him what next, he mentioned he has done his part. I am now looking for clue on what to do next. Appreciate your update after USCIS meeting.

  7. Hershal

    Hershal Active Member

    We got the Na3 status on an I-181 Form, which says LPR. But we also got a stamp in his passport with the I-1551. Which I guess is a bonus. I will let you know what they say tomorrow afternoon.

  8. Shanavas

    Shanavas New Member

    Hi Hershal,

    Hope you had success out at USCIS. Curious to know the status

  9. Hershal

    Hershal Active Member

    @Shanavas Apologies on the late response, only just got back to the PC now.

    I would like to give you a definite answer on this topic but really there was even a bit of confusion at USCIS on what to do next. We took all our paperwork in and the guy at the counter didn't really understand. After he called his supervisor he explained that we just need to fill in an I-90 form or something. In the end we were there for about an hour. He took copies of all our paperwork, green cards etc. He told us that the only thing they were not certain of was the photo for the green card. I told him we had photos with us, and gave him 2 copies. He pretty much just took all the paperwork and was sending it off for filing to get an answer. He did tell us though that the I-1551 stamp in our sons passport was good for a year and he can leave and come back no problem. I am hoping that it comes in a month or so, otherwise I will be heading back there in a few months to get an update.

    They did say however that there isn't an immigration fee. So that could be a bonus. Guess time will tell. Sorry I didn't have any concrete information.
  10. Shanavas

    Shanavas New Member

    Hi Hershal,

    Thank you for the update.

    I will take an appointment and see if I can get I-551 stamp or something similar. Will keep you posted.

  11. Shanavas

    Shanavas New Member


    I had an USCIS appointment. They mentioned the detail not yet appearing in their system. Ones detail appear they can stamp i-551 on the passport. They took a copy of BC, photo and parents GreenCard to make a visa packet, as they call.

    @Hershal, if you have any good update/info, let us know.

  12. Hershal

    Hershal Active Member

    USCIS don't seem to be much help at all. I already have the i-551 stamp in my sons passport so we are all ok there, They did the same thing, made up a "packet" and then told me they would get back to me, I got no idea what that means, I will wait two months and if no green card arrives ill be going back in

    I also went to Social Security to get him a SSN, we need it for his medical insurance and his bank account. I was told that they don't accept the forms I have even though USCIS told me it was enough to go and get a SSN. What a nightmare, and a waste of time. So now we have to go to the IRS and get a tax file number instead.
  13. Hershal

    Hershal Active Member


    My Son received his Green Card in the mail 2 days ago, so it looked like our trip to USCIS paid off, We ended up going to the SSA the day after and got his SSN sorted. So I guess it takes about a month to receive his green card, I would suggest waiting after a month nd if nothing either call up or go back in and see whats going on.

    Was such a relief once he received this. Another thing ticked off the list
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  14. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe New Member

    @Hershal We are also exactly in the same boat. We came in Jan 2016 with our new born and she got her temporary I-551 stamped (NA3) in her passport. And all the calls to the USCIS seem to be pretty useless. Only difference is that SSA office managed to issue an SSN for her based on the stamp in her passport. Still no plastic card yet.

    Following your cue, we setup an Infopass appointment for this Friday. I was wondering, what all documentation you carried with you? Were they able to locate your case in their system in office? Or just based on your paperwork they created a new case file? How about your calls to USCIS, were they able to locate your kid's details just using A# or their searches came up empty?

    Thanks for your help Hershal!
  15. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe New Member

    @Shanavas How did your story go? Your kid got a plastic GC? Wish you all the very best!
  16. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe New Member

    @newacct Any thoughts on the delay of 4 months after the I-551 stamp? Do you think it is time to worry or is this somewhat normal these days? And any comments on the information non-availability on USCIS call center systems? Is it a different system altogether? That is, do you know whether Infopass guys have access to some information to which call center guys do not have access?

    Thanks in advance!
  17. Hershal

    Hershal Active Member

    Hi There,

    USCIS over the phone are pointless they kept asking me for a DOS case number, even when I explained the situation and that my son did not have one they still didn't understand. I was bounced from call centre to call centre and got no where. It was pointless. They could find a file on him with his A# but kept telling me that I had to wait for a DOS number.

    Anyways I took all the paperwork I had with me to the office. The form I received at the POE and his Passport and all our DV Information and our Green Cards.I also had some passport photos on hand. I think I took more than needed but its worth being prepared. In the end it was a confusion there too, but they made a file and took the photos too. One month later the card arrived. I would recommend getting to the office as they seem to be able to help you out more there than on the phone.

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  18. Hershal

    Hershal Active Member

    I would get an appointment to go in to the USCIS office, Its much better to get it done in person
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  19. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe New Member

    Thanks @Hershal !! Appreciate your reply!! The point above is actually sort of scaring me. They are not even able to locate the file on my daughter on the system. But her SSN came through even after it has gone for a immigration validation. Looks like SSA is referring to a totally different immigration system.

    CBP guys at our PoE didn't handover any copy of I-181. So, what all we currently have is pretty much the I-551 temporary stamp in her passport and SSN card.
  20. gigi&alex

    gigi&alex New Member

    Hi! I'm planning to fly back to us with na3 child. Did you have any issue at the check in for your flight, since the child disn't have a visa?
    Thank you for your response!

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